The Celebration of Undergraduate Research and Creative Performance at Hope College is an annual opportunity for student-faculty collaboration. Students complete research projects under the guidance of a faculty member, which is then presented at the Celebration. For more information, please visit the Celebration of Undergraduate Research and Creative Performance website.

Note: Posters are only available for download when they have been approved by faculty mentors and provided by students. If a poster is not present in the repository it will not be available.



Luther’s Battlefield: Analyzing Historical Perspectives on Martin Luther's Role in the Progress of the Protestant Reformation , Matthew Meyerhuber

Macatawa Watershed Project: Fecal Contamination and Microbial Source Tracking, Cameron Pratt and Stephen Skilling

Management Techniques for Patellofemoral Pathologies, Joshua Driesenga


Marianne et le Marabout by Slimane Benaïssa: North African Culture Faces French Culture, Susan Haigh


Más Que el Apoyo Académico: La Educación No Formal, y el Programa Servicio País, Leah Ewald


Mentors' Perceptions of the Ready for Life Program: An Inclusion Program at Hope College, Kaitlin Cress and Alyssa Hillman


Milk and Medicine Evaluation, David Blystra and Samantha Hartman


Modified Wavelet Methods for Identifying Transitions in Bean Beetle Maturation, David McMorris

Molière, Le Libertin , Maria Gowon


Morality, Urbanity and Rurality in the Roman and American Consciousness , Ian Bussan


Music for Silent Film: Critical Analysis of film scores in Metropolis and The Artist, Kelsey O'Brien

Navigating Gender in the Chinese Mission Field, 1920-1949 , Madalyn Northuis

One Triflin’ Research Project: The Study of the Word Triflin’ and its Implications in African American Vernacular English, Sarah Harvin and Mariana Thomas


Operation Swing: How Jazz Helped to Win World War II, Colin Rensch


Patagonia sin Represas: a Social-Environmental Movement in the Northern Chilean Patagonia, Kimberly Collins

Phylogenetics and Biogeography of Maples Based on Plastid Genome Data, Parker Bussies


Politics and Integral Mission, Brandon Bowser and Nathan Longfield


POLYAD: Predicting and Fitting Mixed Vibrational States to a Multi-Resonant Hamiltonian, Joshua Kammeraad

Population Genetic Structures of Two Sister Tulip Tree Species: Implications for the Diversity Anomaly Between Eastern Asia and North America, Kaleb Skinner and Mark Stukel

Population Studies of Radio and Gamma-ray Normal Pulsars, Andrew Johnson

Post-translational Modification of a Key Transcription Factor for HSV-1 Infection, Jamie Grit

Predicting Insect Development in Changing Climates: Bean Beetle Phenology Modeling, Ariel Vincent, Bennett Riddering, and David McMorris

Preparation of Gamma-Lactams via a Nickel-Catalyzed Addition of In Situ Generated Diorganozinc Reagents to Imides, Kimberly DeGlopper, Joseph Dennis, and Catherine Calyore

Progressive Rock: Why Does it Matter? , Thomas Flath


Proposing Genes for Gap Reactions in Metabolic Pathways, Carl Deeg and Shinnosuke Kondo

Radiation-Resistant Electrical Insulation Materials for Nuclear Reactors using Novel Nanocomposite Dielectrics, Eric Greve

Recognition and Management of Lisfranc Midfoot Injuries, Tyler Cronin

Regulation of Seam Cell Function by the Non-Receptor Tyrosine Kinase, FRK-1, in C. elegans, Danielle Mila, Katherine Genzink, McLane Watson, Austin Baldwin, and Bryan Phillips

Relationships and Transgressions: The Impact of Offender Relationship and Forgiveness on Written Language, Mental Health, and Flourishing, Brittany Lawson, Cainnear Hogan, and Sydney Timmer

Relationships between Religiosity, Spirituality, and Charitable Involvement at a Christian Institution , Anthony Bednarz

Religiosity, Body Image, and Perfectionism, Kelvin Peprah


Responsive Polymer Grafts for Patternable Self-Oscillating Gel, Sung Il Hwang

Revolution in Tunisia: A Historical Analysis of the Uprisings that Began the Arab Spring , Sophia Hart

Road to Recovery: A Case Study on Lower Back Pain, Riley Hoernschemeyer


Ruthenium-Poly(Vinyl Pyridine) (RuPVP) Metallopolymers for Catalyzing Self-Oscillating Gels, Minchul Kim

Sartre, Beauvoir, and the Resistance: An Authentic or Compromising Commitment to the Cause? , Natalie Woodberry


Shedding Light on Illuminated Manuscripts of the Anglo-Saxon Age: An Investigation into the Life and Illustrations of J.R.R. Tolkien, Stephanie Emanuele

Sleep Disturbances in the Hospital, Megan Czmer, Mary Gipson, and Abigail LaLonde

Society: The Ex-Convict’s New Prison?, Alexander Barry, Michelle Ky, and Olivia Skatrud


Sorption of Antibacterial Compounds, Penicillin and Triclosan, to Clays: Implications for Removal of Pharmaceuticals from Aqueous Systems, Andrew Harrison and Alexandria Vandervest

Study of Differential Ring Opening of Quinazolinespirohexadienones and Their Electrochemical Reduction, Eric Webb, Jonathan Moerdyk, Kyndra Sluiter, Amy Speelman, Benjamin Pollock, and Eugene Lynch

Surface Stimulation to Alleviate Phantom Limb Pain: Current Control Waveform, Carson Tobias, John Boss, Lane Heyboer, and Julia Slopsema

Surface Stimulation to Alleviate Phantom Limb Pain: Waveform to Elicit Tapping, John Boss, Carson Tobias, Lane Heyboer, and Julia Slopsema

Teaching At-Risk Algebra Students More Conceptually, Sydney Bryer

Teamwork Among Nursing Staff in Relationship-based Patient Care, Courtney Mulder


Teens and Texts: Exploring the Literary Practices of Church-Going Teens, Megan Ahlquist, Teagan Quinnell, and Sara Sanchez

Testing Quinazolinespirohexadienone Photochromes As Gatable Photoinduced Charge Transfer Initiators, David Green


The 1876 Centennial Exposed: How Souvenir Publications Reveal Contrasting Attitudes of Race and Gender in the Post-bellum United States, Hope Hancock


The Artist in the Image: A Discussion of Style and Content in "Flotsam" and "A Sick Day for Amos McGee" , Hailey Perecki

The Benefits of Medical Mission Trips for Healthcare Professionals: Jean Nienhuis, Amoy, China, 1920-1952, Jillian Nichols

The Changes and Remnants of French Influence in Pondicherry , Shirly Samuel


The Effect of 4 Weeks of "Fat Gripz" on Grip Strength in Male and Female Collegiate Athletes, Nicholas Heyboer, Christian Leathley, and Matthew VanZytveld

The Effect of a Four-Week HUMAC Balance Training Program on Unilateral Static Balance Among Recreationally Active College Students, Keenan Erickson, Michael Harper, Jessica Kohlhoff, and Acacia Nevenzel

The Effect of Automatic and Controlled Processing Metaphorical Sentences on the N400: An Event Related Potentials Study, Felicia Mata, Lauren Janness, and Jenna Sutton


The Effect of Caffeine Supplementation on Endurance Performance and Heart Rate in the Non-Athlete, Jourdin Barkman, Rebekah Blasen, Lauren Kooy, and Rachel Rebhan


The Effect of Directing Groups and Various Substituents on Rhodium-Catalyzed Decarbonylation, Byongjoo Bark, David J. Dykhuis, Kayleigh M. Schneider, and Erick W. Skaff

The Effect of High Intensity Training on Cardiovascular Endurance and Body Composition in Non-Athlete College Women, Kimberly Boerigter, Micaela Brillinger, Rachelle Havenaar, and Tara Schoemaker


The Effect of Music Tempo on Cycling Performance in Female College Students, Julie Beaumont, Maggie Deaton, Megan Schowalter, and Kali Van Dyk


The Effect of Parent Education on Children’s Activity Preference, Self-Efficacy, and Screen Time, Mary Kelso

The Effect of Public Lands on Property Taxes in Minnesotan Counties, Adriane Burmester

The Effects of Interactive iBooks on Advanced Secondary Statistic Students’ Motivation and Academic Achievement, Brooke Dykstra

The Effects of Post-Activation Potentiation on Vertical Jump and EMG in Collegiate Football Players, Adam Drooger, Laurel Mattice, and Brandon Robinson

The Effects of Priming Humility on Defensive Reactions Following Criticism of One’s Cherished Values, Abigail Bohler, Joshua Stafford, Sabrina Hakim, and Paige Garwood


The Effects of Threats to Meaning on Attitudes Toward Evolution, Paige Garwood, Lauren Janness, Joshua Stafford, Sabrina Hakim, and Lauren Wade

The Electrodeposition and Dealloying of NiCu Films for Catalytic Methanol Oxidation Activity, Matthew Milliken


The Extent to Which Mate Standards are Stable Over a Nine-Month Period, Nicole Hames, Erin Farrell, and Sam Horsch

The Hidden Satire in Eva Ibbotson’s Novels , Megan Stevens

The Impact of Minimum Wage on Unemployment at the State Level Using Fixed Effects, Timothy Bodine

The Impact of the Year of Birth Related to Health Literacy, Domenique Tamminga


The Independent Woman: Simone de Beauvoir and Feminism, Kate Pitchford


The Legacies of Holland, Michigan--A Study of Nine Influential People, Victoria Henry

The Lion, the Books and the Children, Anna Yacullo


“The Passing of the Test is Inconsequential”: Exploring the Relationship Between AP English Literature and Composition Courses and First-Year Composition Courses, Allyson Hoffman

The Persecution of the French Huguenots , Sarah Bettag

The Relationship Between Co-Morbidities and Complications of Femoral Sheath Removal, Casandra Vanden Bosch

The Religious-Social Constraints on Sexuality in Fifth Century Athens and Crete and How They Manifest Themselves, Claire Trivax

The Sense of Wonder and the Humility It Takes , Lauren Madison


The Tolkien Guide to the Literary Phenomenon of Fan Fiction, Amanda Palomino


The Turn, the Cauldron, and the Scapegoat: A Study of the Second Branch of the Mabinogi Through the Mythological Theories of René Girard and J. R. R. Tolkien, Rebecca Fox

The Usefulness of Water: A Study of the Jordan Valley , Benjamin Foss


The Validity of VO2max Testing Modalities in Running, Cycling and Swimming Populations, Dana Almarez, Michael Fries, and Kaylee Kiogima

The Wounded Warrior Project: American Society and Conscription , Bill Getschman

Thinking Twice: Redefining the Collaborative Relationship Between K-12 Schools, Teacher Preparation Programs, Student Teachers, and the New Teacher Evaluation System, Collin McGran and Aubrey Holzinger

To Be Preserved: Frances Otte and the Historical Development of Identity, 1860-1956, Kevin Wonch

Toward a (bis)Trifluoromethyl-Substituted Quinazolinespirohexadienone(QSHD) Photochrome for Gating PICT, Lauren Messer and Luke Peterson


Transition Metal Scaffolds as MRI Contrast Agents, Daniel SantaLucia

Tutor Perceptions of Their Participation In the CASA Program: Qualitative Data Analysis, Megan Farwell

Two Champions of Migrant Healthcare in Southwest Michigan: Models for Successful Intervention, Clara Schriemer

Understanding the Role of Polygamy and Genital Mutilation in Traditional African Societies , Arnaud Muhimpundu

U.S. Liberals in a Realist World: Suggestions from 1776-1939 Introvert Phases for the Coming Two Decades, James Teaford


Validating the Unidimensional Relationship Closeness Scale Through Behavioral Indicators, Ryan Campbell, Elizabeth Eader, and Sarah Schuiling

Vascular Access Assessment and Device Selection (VAADS) Education, Hannah Rice

Veteran’s Voices Remembered: Major Jeremy Latchaw , Jeb Wierenga

Violent-Crime Rate and House Value in Detroit, Holland, and Jackson, Michigan, Andrew Larson


Visualizing Piers Plowman, Heather Patnott


Voices Remembered—The Story of Richard Brokaw, Victoria Henry

Wadji Mouwawad’s “Incendies”: The Consequences of Family History and Self-Identity , Taylor Mann


Weighty Decisions: The Effect of Weight Bias on the Selection and Election of U.S. Senate Candidates, Alexis Sears, Camerra Lightbourn, Ivy Keen, and Regina Guerra


What Do They Dream About?: The Long-lasting Effects of War and Trauma on Child Soldiers, Danny Chavez, Alexander Markos, and Esther O'Connor

Why It Shouldn’t Have Been a Surprise: The Story of Japanese Immigration and Anti-Japanese Prejudice Before World War II , Dorothy Mitchell