Journal articles, reviews, book chapters, and books written by Hope College faculty.


Submissions from 2010

By Their Fruits, Wayne A. Brouwer

Creating Community the Hard Way, Wayne A. Brouwer

Family Ties, Wayne A. Brouwer

Forfeiting to Win, Wayne A. Brouwer

From Chronos to Kairos, Wayne A. Brouwer

Glow in the Dark, Wayne A. Brouwer

Happy Hallow, Wayne A. Brouwer

In Praise of Praise, Wayne A. Brouwer

New, Wayne A. Brouwer

No Fear, Wayne A. Brouwer

On a Journey, Wayne A. Brouwer

Patience, Wayne A. Brouwer

Politics & Religion, Wayne A. Brouwer

Resource-full Giving, Wayne A. Brouwer

Review of 'Hunger and Happiness' by L. Shannon Jung, Wayne A. Brouwer

Review of 'Preaching from Memory to Hope' by Thomas G. Long, Wayne A. Brouwer

Review of 'Who Would Jesus Kill?' by Mark J. Allman, Wayne A. Brouwer

Saints, Wayne A. Brouwer

Sale Price, Wayne A. Brouwer

Shine, Jesus Shine!, Wayne A. Brouwer

Sober Reflections, Wayne A. Brouwer

The Allure of 'Avatar', Wayne A. Brouwer

The Peaceable Kingdom, Wayne A. Brouwer

The Road Ahead, Wayne A. Brouwer

Visions, Wayne A. Brouwer

What You Sow, Wayne A. Brouwer

Why Did Jesus Have to Die?, Wayne A. Brouwer


Stimulus Design is an Obstacle Course: 560 Matched Literal and Metaphorical Sentences for Testing Neural Hypotheses about Metaphor, Eileen R. Cardillo, Gwenda Schmidt, Alexander Kranjec, and Anjan Chatterjee


The Multidimensionality of Prosocial Behaviors and Evidence of Measurement Equivalence in Mexican American and European American Early Adolescents, Gustavo Carlo, George P. Knight, Meredith McGinley, Byron L. Zamboanga, and Lorna Hernandez Jarvis


A Novel Achiral Seco-cyclopropylpyrido[e]indolone (CPyI) Analog of CC-1065 and the Duocarmycins: Synthesis, DNA Interactions, in Vivo Anticancer and Anti-parasitic Evaluation, Sameer Chavda, Balaji Babu, Stephanie K. Yanow, Armando Jardim, Terry W. Spithill, Konstantinos Kiakos, Jerome Kluza, and Moses Lee


DNA Recognition: Design, Synthesis and Biophysical Characteristics of Pyrrole(H) Based Polyamides, Sameer Chavda, Keith Mulder, Toni Brown, Hilary Mackay, Balaji Babu, Laura Westrate, Amanda Ferguson, Shicai Lin, Konstantinos Kiakos, Joseph P. Ramos, Manoj Munde, W. David Wilson, John A. Hartley, and Moses Lee

Song of Our Songs, David Cho


Setting Anchor in the Minor Groove: in Silico Investigation into Formamido N-Methylpyrrole and N-Methylimidazole Polyamides Bound by Cognate DNA Sequences, Catharine J. Collar, Moses Lee, and W. David Wilson


Do Near-Death Experiences Provide a Rational Basis for Belief in Life after Death?, Andrew J. Dell'Olio

Introduction to Ethics: A Reader, Andrew J. Dell'Olio and Caroline Simon

Teacher Collaboration: Opening and Closing the Classroom Door, Tony Donk

Religion, Ethnicity, and Generation: A Study of Older Dutch-Americans in Holland, Michigan, Peter Ester and Jacob E. Nyenhuis

Following Tracks in the Dark, Review of 'New Tracks, Night Falling,' by Jeanne Murray Walker, Francis G. Fike


Targeting the ICB2 Site of the Topoisomerase II Alpha Promoter with a Formamido-pyrrole-imidazole-pyrrole H-pin Polyamide, Andrew Franks, Christopher Tronrud, Konstantinos Kiakos, Jerome Kluza, Manoj Munde, Toni Brown, Hilary Mackay, W. David Wilson, Daniel Hochhauser, John A. Hartley, and Moses Lee


PLTL Impacts a Career – From Peer Leader to the Professoriate, Jason Gillmore

An Age of Diversity, Review of 'Coming Together in the 21st Century: The Bible's Message in an Age of Diversity,' by Curtiss Paul DeYoung, Chuck Green


How to Read Like a Fool: Riddle Contests and the Banquet of Conscience in Piers Plowman, Curtis Gruenler


First Observation of Excited States in Li-12, C. C. Hall, Eric M. Lunderberg, Paul DeYoung, T. Baumann, D. Bazin, G. Blanchon, A. Bonaccorso, B. A. Brown, J. Brown, G. Christian, Deborah H. Denby, J. Finck, N. Frank, A. Gade, J. Hinnefeld, C. R. Hoffman, B. Luther, S. Mosby, W. A. Peters, A. Spyrou, and M. Thoennessen

Powerful Connections: The Poetics of Patronage in the Age of Louis XIII, Brigitte Hamon-Porter

The Historic Novel in Classic Age France (1657-1703), Brigitte Hamon-Porter


Titaniferous accessory minerals in very low-grade metamorphic rocks, Keweenaw Peninsula Michigan, USA, Edward C. Hansen, Jesse Reimink, and Daniel Harlov

On the Atrophy of Moral Reasoning in the Global Financial Crisis, Kim Hawtrey and R. Johnson


The Emergent Church, Socio-economics and Christian Mission, Kim Hawtrey and John E. Lunn

Secular Power, Sacred Authority, and Urban Topography in the Palm Sunday Procession in Late Medieval Auxerre, France, Anne Heath

The Invisibility Factor: Administrators and Faculty Reach Out to First-Generation College Students, Teresa L. Heinz Housel and Vickie L. Harvey


High-throughput Generation, Optimization and Analysis of Genome-scale Metabolic Models, Christopher S. Henry, Matthew DeJongh, Aaron A. Best, Paul M. Frybarger, Ben Linsay, and Rick L. Stevens

Invited Contributing Author in TIPS: The Child Singing Voice, Christina M. Hornbach


Thermodynamic Exploration of Eosin-Lysozyme Binding: A PhysicalChemistry and Biochemistry Laboratory Experiment, Andrew J. Huisman, Lydia R. Hartsell, Brent P. Krueger, and Michael J. Pikaart


The Attractive Female Body Weight and Female Body Dissatisfaction in 26 Countries Across 10 World Regions: Results of the International Body Project I, Mary Inman


Kristen Johnson’s Reply to Eric Stoddart’s Review of Her Book, Kristen D. Johnson


Sovereignty: God, State, and Self, Kristen D. Johnson


Prescribed Spatial Prepositions Influence How We Think About Time, Alexander Kranjec, Eileen R. Cardillo, Gwenda Schmidt, and Anjan Chatterjee

Theoretical Identity Statements, Their Truth, and Their Discovery, Joseph F. LaPorte

Family Gospels and Invectives: The Dream, Anne Larsen

Review of 'Into Print: The Production of Female Authorship in Early Modern France,' by Leah Chang, Anne Larsen

Review of 'Les épîtres invectives et familières; le Songe,' ed. J.-Ph. Beaulieu, by Helisenne de Crenne, Anne Larsen

Review of 'Les Mémoires de Madame de Mornay,' ed. N. Kuperty-Tsur, by Charlotte Duplessis-Mornay, Anne Larsen


Design, Synthesis, and Biological Evaluations of 2,5-Diaryl-2,3-dihydro-1,3,4-oxadiazoline Analogs of Combretastatin-A4, Lauren Lee, Lyda M. Robb, Megan Lee, Ryan Davis, Hilary Mackay, Sameer Chavda, Balaji Babu, Erin L. O'Brien, April L. Risinger, Susan L. Mooberry, and Moses Lee


Host Preferences of Beechdrops (Epifagus): Evidence from Chloroplast DNA Sequence Data, Jianhua Li, Jeffrey Corajod, and Jeffrey DeYoung


Sequences of 72 Plastid Genes Support the Early Divergence of Cornales in the Asterids, Jianhua Li and Zhi-Hong Zhang


After the Baby Boomers: How Twenty- and Thirty-Somethings Are Shaping the Future of American Religion, Don Luidens


Pews, Prayers, and Participation: Religion and Civic Responsibility in America, Don Luidens

Africa's Colonial Encounter with Europe: Past, Present and Future Underdevelopment, Tamba M'bayo

Assimilation, Tamba M'bayo

Cheikh Amadou Bamba, Tamba M'bayo

Review of 'African Soccer Scapes: How a Continent changed the World's Game', by Peter Alegi, Tamba M'bayo

Tupac Shakur: The Life and Times of an American Icon, Tayannah Lee McQuillar and Fred L. Johnson

From the Last Five Years to the Last Two Semesters: An Update, Barbara Mezeske

The Last Five Years, Barbara Mezeske

Kierkegaard and the Catholic Tradition: Conflict and Dialogue, Jack E. Mulder


Let's Rethink Roe v. Wade - And Overturn It, (one of several responses to Bertha Manninen, 'Rethinking Roe v. Wade: Defending the Abortion Right in the Face of Contemporary Opposition'), Jack E. Mulder

Changes in Psychological Science: Perspectives from Textbook Authors: David Myers, David G. Myers

Communication Access Around the World, David G. Myers

Foreword in S. Koger and D. N. Winter's 'ThePsychology of Environmental Problems', David G. Myers

Group Polarization, David G. Myers


Intuition's Powers and Perils, David G. Myers

Leading with Grace & Truth: Trustees reflect on Bill Robinson's presidency, David G. Myers

Let's Loop America's Worship Centers, David G. Myers

Levels of Explanation View, David G. Myers

Population Secularity and Individual Religiosity Predict Human Flourishing, David G. Myers

Progress Toward the Looping of America - and Doubled Hearing Aid Functionality, David G. Myers

Psychology, Ninth Edition in Modules, David G. Myers

Social Psychology, David G. Myers

'There's a Wideness in God's Mercy,' Review of 'Jesus, the Bible, and Homosexuality: Explode the Myth, Heal the Church,' by Jack Rogers, David G. Myers

The Ten Commandments of Happiness, David G. Myers

They Who Have Ears, Let Them Hear, David G. Myers

Social Psychology: European Edition, David G. Myers, Jackie Abell, Arnulf Kolstad, and Fabio Sani

In the Loop: Helping the Growing Population with Hearing Loss, David G. Myers and Juliette Sterkens

Python on Symbian: Mobile App Development Made Easy, Pankaj Nathani, Bogdan Galiceanu, Hamish Willee, Marcelo Barros de Almeida, and Michael J. Jipping

Memories of Corn School in the Late 1940's and 1950's, Nancy Nicodemus

Memories of Corn School in the Late 1940's and 1950's, Nancy Nicodemus

Memories of Corn School in the Late 1940's and 1950's, Nancy Nicodemus

Practicing My Absence, Nancy Nicodemus

Introduction, Jacob E. Nyenhuis

Preface, Jacob E. Nyenhuis