Submissions from 2019


The Forgotten Expedition of the Michigan Polar Bears, Laura Anthon, Jamie Breyfogle, Timothy Embertson, and Natalie Weg


Found in Translation: The Complexities of Edgar Allan Poe in Translation by Charles Baudelaire, Kellyanne Fitzgerald


The Art of Moving Across Borders: A Look into Translanguage Literature, Sarah Herrera


The Fitzgeralds in France: A Life of Splendor and Tragedy, Kaitlyn Rustemeyer and Rebecca Stanton

Submissions from 2018


Media Outlets and Black Lives Matter on Twitter, Madeleine Zimmerman, Cherish Joe, and Carolyn Wetzel

Submissions from 2017

The Anti-Slavery Almanac, Kirstin Anderson, Nina Kay, and Andrew Monroe

St. Philip’s Sons: Frederick William Faber and His Hymnody, Jonathan Bading


Looking Up: Discovering the Characters, Chronology, and Complexities of Baroque Italian Ceiling Art, Ellee Banaszak

Secret Desire: Islam, Mysticism, and Peace-Making in Hikayat Hang Tuah, Joshua Chun Wah Kam

The Performance of Womanhood, Carolyn Ellis


Digital Holland, Elizabeth Ensink, Kirstin Anderson, Irene Gerrish, and Sarah Lundy

Same Sex Marriage in the United States, Anna Jones

Little Modern Magazines, Katrin Kelley, Annika Gidley, Rachel Brumagin, and Joshua Chun Wah Kam

Roustabout: The Great Circus Train Wreck! Dramaturgy, Rachel Kennedy


The Founding Fathers and the New York Society Library, Sarah Lundy, Olivia Lehnertz, Irene Gerrish, and Kelly Arnold

Amy Beach in Grand Rapids, Michigan, 1918, Ellen Messner

The Ethics of Expropriated Art, Taylor Mills

A Feminist Critique of Cosmopolitan Magazine, Hannah Pikaart

Document-Based Learning: Outside Advanced Placement and Inside Student Minds, Miriam Roth

An Analysis of Nineteenth Century Sunday School Books, Kaitlyn Rustemeyer, Kellyanne Fitzgerald, and Shannon Rogers

Boston's Bicentennial Blues: How the Unraveling of Boston's Expo '76 Revealed America's Crisis of Confidence, 1967-1976, Cullen Smith


The Man Who Wore Red: Allen Stringfellow, Nia Stringfellow

Submissions from 2016

The Polar Front: A Historical Narrative Derived from the Oral History of the American North Russian Expeditionary Forces, Jonathan Bading, Cassidy Bernhardt, Carolyn Ellis, and Alejandra Gómez Limon

The Face of Hope: How Perceived Minorities and Other Topics Have Shaped the Experience and Contributions of Hope Students, Ellee Banaszak, Grace Hulderman, Anna Jones, and Gianna Ramirez

Dancing through Hope’s History, Raven Bouvier, Rachel Kennedy, and Nia Stringfellow

Flood Narratives and Catastrophic Lessons: the Cultural Reminders of Apocalyptic Mythology, Joshua Briggs

“For the Boys Over There”: The 1918 United War Work Campaign, Ian Bussan, Miriam Roth, Samuel Stout, and Jonathan Tilden

The Justice of God and "The New Jim Crow", Jessica Cronau

The First Inoculation Debate: A Quantitative Text Analysis of the Boston Smallpox Epidemic of 1721, Elizabeth Ensink

Illustrating Ecology: Artwork for Visualizing Concepts in the General Biology Lab, Jennifer Fuller

From Hippies to Hipsters: Changing Expressions of Cultural Citizenship at Music Festivals, Hope Hancock

The State of the Arts in Holland: the Roles of Art and Identity in Community, Ellen Messner and Hannah Pikaart

In the Key of Britain: The Making of British Music, 1900-1930, Colin Rensch

Holland Vietnam Veteran Stories, Cullen Smith

A Modern Medea: Fitting into a Digital Age and the Methodology Behind Writing a Play, Claire Trivax

Dreadful Old Maids: Jane Austen and the Unmarried Women of Regency England, Anna Yacullo

Submissions from 2015

Prayers, Tithes and Tweets: A Rhetorical Analysis of Joel Osteen’s and Pope Francis’s Discussion of Fruits of the Spirit on Twitter, Allison Barnes

Holland's Centennial Park and the Greater Movement for Public Greenspaces, Joshua Briggs, Austin Garcia, Olivia Pilon, and Miriam Roth


A Church Divided: The RCA and CRC Schism, Jessica Cronau, Elizabeth Ensink, Matthew Myerhuber, and Jonathan Tilden

The Many Voices of Guenevere: Polyphony in “The Defence of Guenevere”, Dorothy Dickinson


Youth and Development: At-Risk Youth in the Holland Community, Jennifer Fuller, Robert Lampen, Hayley Schultz, and Anikka Van Eyl


From Satire to Struggle: An Analysis of Changing American Identity Using Our Show; a Humorous Account of the International Exposition, Hope Hancock


Digital Holland, Michigan, Hope Hancock, Allyson Hoffman, and Madalyn Northuis

“That God May be All in All”: Deification, Nothingness, and Creaturehood, Andrew Peecher

Impact of On-Campus LGBT Resources and Campus Climate on College Students: A Two Campus Comparison, Charlyn Pelter

Operation Swing Phase 2: Music Personalities in World War II, Colin Rensch


Love Is an Orientation: Dialogue about Christianity and Sexuality, Katherine Sauer

Ethnic Studies in Holland, Michigan: Examining the Impact and Implications of Holland’s Hispanic Population, Cullen Smith, Taylor Mills, William Harrison, Alexander Markos, and Katelyn Kiner


Much Love, BJP: Examining Gender and War through Interactive Fiction, Meagan Stevens

Conqueror of Death: A Study of Bacchic Imagery on Roman Sarcophagi, Claire Trivax

From Canvas to Stage: Matisse and Picasso as Costume Designers for the Ballet Russes, Mary Elizabeth Winther

Submissions from 2014

A Little Birdie Told Me: Researching Twitter’s Effect on Formal and Informal Writing Among College Students , Allison Barnes

Relationships between Religiosity, Spirituality, and Charitable Involvement at a Christian Institution , Anthony Bednarz


Morality, Urbanity and Rurality in the Roman and American Consciousness , Ian Bussan


Shedding Light on Illuminated Manuscripts of the Anglo-Saxon Age: An Investigation into the Life and Illustrations of J.R.R. Tolkien, Stephanie Emanuele

Location and the Evolution of Ideology and Aesthetics in Post-Second Wave American Black Metal , Carsten Forester


The Turn, the Cauldron, and the Scapegoat: A Study of the Second Branch of the Mabinogi Through the Mythological Theories of René Girard and J. R. R. Tolkien, Rebecca Fox

The Wounded Warrior Project: American Society and Conscription , Bill Getschman


Integration Before Integration: How World War II Exploded Diversity in Baseball, G. Bill Getschman


The 1876 Centennial Exposed: How Souvenir Publications Reveal Contrasting Attitudes of Race and Gender in the Post-bellum United States, Hope Hancock


“The Passing of the Test is Inconsequential”: Exploring the Relationship Between AP English Literature and Composition Courses and First-Year Composition Courses, Allyson Hoffman


Christian Model of Mental Health Care for South Korean Youth, In Hyuk Hwang


Women's Philanthropy: Why Knowing General Trends Is Not Enough, Ivy Keen

Between Two Eras: Arresting God in Kathmandu and the Search for a Modern Nepalese Identity , Nicholas Kwilinski

Why It Shouldn’t Have Been a Surprise: The Story of Japanese Immigration and Anti-Japanese Prejudice Before World War II , Dorothy Mitchell

Becoming Citizens: The British Women's Suffrage Movement, 1918-1928 , Madalyn Northuis


The Tolkien Guide to the Literary Phenomenon of Fan Fiction, Amanda Palomino

“God Making His Appeal through Us”: The Theology of Reconciliation in the Church’s Practice , Andrew Peecher


The Artist in the Image: A Discussion of Style and Content in "Flotsam" and "A Sick Day for Amos McGee" , Hailey Perecki


Changing Methods, Changing Libraries: Making Digital Literacy Accessible for Undergraduate Researchers, Taylor Rebhan


Operation Swing: How Jazz Helped to Win World War II, Colin Rensch


"Hoobla-Hoobla-Hoobla-How": Sound and Meaning in the Poetry of Wallace Stevens, Kara Robart

Eternity’s Nail of Subjectivity: Subjectivity, Ethics, and God in Kierkegaard and Beauvoir , Chikara Saito


Love, Hope, and Listening: An Oral History of LGBTQ Topics and Responses at Hope College, Katherine Sauer


Judging Books by their Covers: How Cover Design Influences Our Perception of Books and their Audience, Erika Schlenker

Two Champions of Migrant Healthcare in Southwest Michigan: Models for Successful Intervention, Clara Schriemer

The Hidden Satire in Eva Ibbotson’s Novels , Megan Stevens

The Religious-Social Constraints on Sexuality in Fifth Century Athens and Crete and How They Manifest Themselves, Claire Trivax

To Be Preserved: Frances Otte and the Historical Development of Identity, 1860-1956, Kevin Wonch

The Lion, the Books and the Children, Anna Yacullo

Submissions from 2013

Explorations in Surrealism: Myth, the Occult, and Experimental Writing in the Works of Mexican and European Surrealist Women Artists (1930’s to 1960’s): An Analysis of the Life and Works of Tina Modotti, Kati Horna, and Bridget Bate Tichenor, Athina Alvarez

Myth, the Occult, and Experimental Writing: The Letters of Remedios Varo, Tessa Angell

Defining Arthur: Morgan le Fay’s Influence on King Arthur’s Unexamined Moral Code in Malory and Zimmer-Bradley, Elizabeth Badovinac

Cognitive Dissonance in Stowe’s Uncle Tom’s Cabin: An Evaluation of Rhetorical Technique and Cultural Impact, Anthony Bednarz

“A Warm Welcome and a Pleasant Evening”: Clara Kathleen Rogers and Boston’s Private Musicales, 1880-1900, Katie Callam

What is Solitude for in these Postmodern Times?, Dorothy Dickinson

Exploring the Graphic Novel: An Example of Multi-Media Education and the Importance of Visual Literacy, Stephanie Emanuele

The Leap of Faith: Authentic Greek in the King James Bible, Bill Getschman

Rape and Reconciliation in Sierra Leone, Mary Kate Hart

The Inadequacy of AP English Literature and Composition Exams as Substitutes for College Writing Courses, Allyson Hoffman

Role of Music in the Korean and English Language, In Hyuk Hwang

Echoes from the Archive: How Oral History, Radio, and the Archive Intersect, Madalyn Muncy

Contextualizing Ellen H. Richards: America’s Forgotten First Lady of Science and Nutrition, Madalyn Northuis

Post-Conflict Peace-building: What Role for Historical Accounting?, Daniel Owens

“A New Song”: Music and Theology in the Ambrosian Hymns, Amanda Palomino

Goutziers, Nicholas "Nick" Oral History Interview: Class Projects, Charlyn Pelter

This is the Hope: Digital Poetics as a New Form for a New Age, Taylor Rebhan

Constructing a Novel: Jane Austen’s Literary Technique from a Creative Writing Perspective, Kara Roberts

“Does Liberalism Need Modernity?”: A Critical Analysis of Early Modern Political Theology, Chikara Saito

Strokes, Flashes, and Jottings: The Lives and Work of Alice Rahon and Lola Alvarez Bravo, Sara Sanchez