Submissions from 2013

Student Literary Magazines Face and Embrace the Digital Reality, Katie Sauer

Save the Indian, Save the (Wo)man: The Boarding School Poetry of Elsie Fuller, Maude Cooke, and Agnes Hatch, Alicia Schubert

The Quiet Feminist: Feminist Themes in the Work of Erma Bombeck, Megan Stevens

Feminist Perspectives of the Eames Legacy, Katelyn Szmurlo

Campus Christians: A Candid Exposé, Lindsay Timmerman

His Skin was Pale and His Eye was Odd: The Dynamic Visual History of Sweeney Todd, Mary Elizabeth Winther

A New Form of Struggle: Betty Ford and Breast Cancer in the 1970s, Kevin Wonch

Submissions from 2012

Tulips as Cultural Emblems in 17th-Century Netherlands, Athina Alvarez

Virginia Woolf’s Exploration of Bipolar Disorder in To the Lighthouse, Elizabeth Badovinac

To Cure the Criminal: The Practice of Institutionalization in Asylum and Penitentiary History, Anthony Bednarz

Ralph Vaughan Williams and the English Musical Renaissance: A London Symphony, “Who Wants the English Composer?”, and a New English Music, Katherine Callam

Twins and Eugenics in the Holocaust, Lauren Ezzo

Reading, Writing, and Living the Revolution: Intertextual Conversation in Ginsberg’s “A Supermarket in California”, Kayleigh Forlow

Still America’s Pastime: The Longevity of Baseball in U.S. Culture, George Getschman

Dancing for Democracy: How Dance Influenced the Cultural Conversation of the Cold War, Kaitlyn Holmwood

A Revolution in American English: The Transformation of American Spoken Language from the 1940s to the 1970s, Tessa Judge

History and Environmental Issues in the Lake Macatawa Watershed, Lauren Madison

From 'Savage' to 'Civilized' and Back Again: White-Cherokee-African Relations from 1790 until 1861, Madalyn Northuis

The Hybridization of Peacekeeping: The United Nations Mission to Liberia Revisited, Daniel Owens

Creativity in Community: Using the Inklings as a Model for Collaborative Groups Today, Amanda Palomino

When Images and Words Collide: The Artist Book and Where the Wild Things Are, Hailey Perecki

Believing Versus Being and Living: The Correspondence Between Leo Tolstoy and Gandhi, Taylor Rebhan

The Yorkshire Moors in the Romantic Tradition: Emily Brontë’s Wuthering Heights and J. M. W. Turner’s Frosty Morning, Kara Robart

Sunyata and Kenosis: Examining the Forms of Emptying in Buddhism and Christianity Through the State of Suffering, Chikara Saito

“Teasing with the Fumes”: Succèss de Scandale and the Reception of Sylvia Plath and Anne Sexton , Sara Sanchez

“Songs from the Dark”: The Origins of German Romantic Opera and Its Ties to English Gothicism, Kelli VanDyke

Returning to the Roots: Urban Farming and Environmentalism in Detroit, Kevin Wonch

Submissions from 2011

Mellon Scholars Program: Leonardo da Vinci, Francis I, and the Struggle for International Prestige in 16th-Century France, Athina Alvarez

Braceros and Their Wives: The Effects of Seasonal Labor Migration on Gender Roles in Mexico, Tessa Angell

Mellon Scholars Program: Ralph Vaughan Williams and the English Musical Renaissance: A London Symphony, “Who Wants the English Composer?”, and a New English Music, Katherine Callam

Mellon Scholars Program: Exploring Hope College’s Rare Book Room: A Treasure Trove of Resources for Students of Art History, Kristen J. Dunn

Mellon Scholars Program: “Shakespeare’s Sister” – Victorian Women and Emily Brontë’s Wuthering Heights Through the Lens of Elizabethan Drama, Madalyn Muncy

Americanization and the National Catholic War Council, Julie Oosterink

Mellon Scholars Program: Thabo Mbeki’s African Renaissance: A Transformative Vision for African Development?, Daniel Owens

Mellon Scholars Program: What About the Double Bass? An Exploration of Western Orchestration, Kelli VanDyke

The German Reformation: The Role of Local Governments in Evangelical Reform Movements, Brent Wilkinson