Near-barrier Fusion and Total Reaction of a Proton-rich Projectile: He-3+Ni-58

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Evaporation protons from the fusion of the 3He+58Ni system were measured at three energies near but above the Coulomb barrier. The respective elastic scattering angular distribution was also determined for one of these energies. The fusion data, after being properly reduced to eliminate size and charge effects, are compared to the recently measured fusion excitation function for the proton-halo system 8B+58Ni. As a reference, fusion data for the 16O+58Ni system are also presented. With respect to this reference, the fusion cross sections for the proton-rich systems show an enhancement likely related to static effects. An excitation function for the respective total-reaction cross section was extracted from the measured elastic data along with additional data from the literature. Surprisingly, this excitation function follows the trend expected for weakly bound systems.