The Celebration of Undergraduate Research and Creative Performance at Hope College is an annual opportunity for student-faculty collaboration. Students complete research projects under the guidance of a faculty member, which is then presented at the Celebration. For more information, please visit the Celebration of Undergraduate Research and Creative Performance website.

Note: Posters are only available for download when they have been approved by faculty mentors and provided by students. If a poster is not present in the repository it will not be available.



Who Is It?: Vowel Sound Variation Among African American and European American Children, Dalila Salas and Emily Simmons

Investigating the Coordination Chemistry of Tetrathiooxalate, Daniel SantaLucia

Differential PIXE Analysis of Multi-layer Auto Paint, Christina Sarosiek

Reducing the Rare Earth Content in Red- and Green-Emitting Phosphors for Lighting Applications, Lisa Savagian

Activation of Stress Response Pathways of C. elegans by Multiple Types of Stress, Claire E. Schaar

Transcriptional Regulation of OLE1 expression in Saccharomyces cerevisiae is Dependent on Fatty Acid Species, Clara Schriemer

Trifluoromethylation of Dihaloarenes: toward Bis(trifluoromethyl) quinazolinespirohexadienone, Jessica D. Scott

Hospital Readmission Risk Prediction Models: A Literature Review, Kathryn Shanklin

Modeling the Behavior of Photomechanical Materials, Andrew Sicard

Electrochemical Quartz Crystal Microbalance and Simplex Optimization Study of Ruthenium-Based Films of 5-amino-1,10-Phenanthroline, Maxwell Sievers

Effect of Homocysteic Acid Exposure on NMDA Receptor Expression in Developing Rat Pups, Stephanie Simko

Perceptual Differentiation of African American and European American Children, Emily Simmons and Dalila Salas

Testing Antiviral Capabilities of Captopril in Mus musculus, Kristina Skinner and Nicholas Rozema

Holland Vietnam Veteran Stories, Cullen Smith

The Incorrigibility of the Conquered: A Historiography Regarding the Failure of the Protestant Reformation in Early Modern Ireland, Cullen Smith

Production of Monoclonal Antibodies against VACM-1/Cullin5, Glen Smith

Assessing Course-Based Research Experiences in Hope College Biology Courses, Marissa Smith

Coping with an Interpersonal Transgression: The Impact of Brief Reappraisal, Acceptance, and Rumination Inductions on Forgiveness and Short-Term Emotions, Anna Snyder, Fallon Richie, Anikka Van Eyl, Robert Henry, and Natasha Jaina Bernal

Pedagogical Content Knowledge: Preservice Teachers Working with Fractions, Daria Solomon

Examining the Effects of Keratan Sulfate on Trigeminal Nerve Growth, Adam Standiford

Intimate Partner Violence: Cultural Factors and Prevention, Darien Stimley, Victoria Roughley, and Antonio Marquez

Investigation of Biochar for Amendment of a Disturbed Urban Soil, Kenneth Swiftbird, Jennifer Fuller, and Kelsey VanEyl-Godin

Nurture with Nature: Effects of Nature Learning on Children’s Activity Preferences and Animal Knowledge, Sarah Thoman, Austin Elluru, Jordan Taylor, Hillary Smith, and Katherine Hauge

A Legacy of Hope: An Exploration of Emmanuel Cathedral’s Engagement with the Anti-apartheid Struggle from 1984-1994, Mariana Thomas

Post-Secondary Education Among Foster Care Alumni, Nola Tolsma

The Evolution of Vulnerable Children Policy in America, Nola Tolsma

A Modern Medea: Fitting into a Digital Age and the Methodology Behind Writing a Play, Claire Trivax

What Makes Lake Michigan’s Coastal Dunes Migrate? Investigating the Triggers of Dune Mobility in Lake Michigan’s Dunes Using a Multi-proxy Study of a Coastal Dune Lake, Miranda Ulmer and Benjamin Johnson

Noble Knight or Menacing Pirate? Sir Francis Drake and His Controversial Reputation, Allison Utting

Computational Chemistry: From the Phone to the Cloud, Nathan R. Vance

Does H202 Regulate the Ubiquitination of System Xc-, Courtney Van Houzen

Synthesis of Possible Near-Infrared Photo Responsive Materials, Bradley Van Valkenburg

Trace Elemental Analysis of Copper Inclusions in the Portage Lake Volcanics Series of the Keweenaw Peninsula, MI Using Particle-Induced X-ray Emission Spectroscopy (PIXE), Randall Wade

Cervical Spinal Fusion in an Adult Male Recreational Athlete, Stephen Waltersdorf

The “Missing Women” and Gender Income Equality: Evidence from China’s One-Child Policy, Liping Wang

Coprecipitation and Hydrothermal Synthesis of Doped Hydroxyapatite Nanoparticles, Anna Washburn and Daniel SantaLucia

Unlocking Literacy: Key Strategies for ELLs with Disabilities, Lindsay Watkins and Breanna Wisneski

Graham’s Conjecture, Lemke Graphs, and Algorithms, Cole Watson and Aaron Green

Toyota Crash Safety Experience, Skylar Watson

The Impact of the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative on U.S Travel to Mexico, Matthew Webb

Examining the Overrepresentation of African Americans in the Foster Care System from a Policy Perspective, Grace Wiesner

Endophytic Fungi in Elymus canadensis Affects Insect Abundance and Reduces Plant Damage from Sucking Insects, Carter Wolff and Santiago Rios

A Designed Multi-Sensor System for SLAM on Multiple Robots, Xavier Wu

Dreadful Old Maids: Jane Austen and the Unmarried Women of Regency England, Anna Yacullo

Identification of Amino Acid Residues in System xc- that are Important in Regulating its Cell Surface Expression, Mason Yoder, Hailey Fairchild, Brittany Buchholz, and Laura Teal

The Psychology of Politics, Valerie Zavislak

A [REDACTED] Dictatorship, Katarina Zomer, Miche Andre, and Trevor Wilson