The Celebration of Undergraduate Research and Creative Performance at Hope College is an annual opportunity for student-faculty collaboration. Students complete research projects under the guidance of a faculty member, which is then presented at the Celebration. For more information, please visit the Celebration of Undergraduate Research and Creative Performance website.

Note: Posters are only available for download when they have been approved by faculty mentors and provided by students. If a poster is not present in the repository it will not be available.



Predicting Closeness Behaviors: Additional Validation of the Unidimensional Relationship Closeness Scale, Katrina Greathouse, Brook Hubbel, and Nathan Long

Which Activities Matter? The Effects of Preschool Curricula on Future Educational Outcomes, David Green

Carbon-Carbon Single Bond Activation Used for Coupling with Michael Acceptors, Caroline Gregerson, Kathryn Trentadue, and Christian Otteman

Engineering the Future, Lindsey Gryniewicz, Sherah Head, Alex Klunder, Anthony Nguyen, and Eric Weeda

Effects of Phthalates on Zebrafish Embryonic Development, Jessica Guillaume and Ryan Skowronek

Teachers and Children Together, Better Prepared to Teach and Learn: The Impact of the 2015 Summer Enrichment Program, Abby Gust and Logan Sikkenga

Application of Ribosomal PCR Probes to Detect Human-Origin E. coli Locally and Across the State, Alexis Guttilla, Kathryn Lee, and Molly Gritt

Health Disparity Among American Preschool Children: A Comparison of Body Mass Index Across Selected Ethnic Groups, Alejandra Guzman, Kara Lurvey, Sarah Thoman, Cara Schipper, Amanda Gibson, Lauren Boyle, Manna Shintani, Katelyn Dufek, Tingxuan Zhang, Esveide Mendoza, Grace Bergt, Taylor Prokott, and Leslie Miller

From Hippies to Hipsters: Changing Expressions of Cultural Citizenship at Music Festivals, Hope Hancock

Analysis of the Portrayal of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Emma Hardy, Thomas Jenkins, and Madison Mertz

Impact of a Problem-Solving Curriculum on Pre-Service Elementary Teachers' Affect toward Mathematics, Stephanie Harper

ACL Reconstruction Techniques and their Implications on Rehabilitation, Mikaela Harrell

Effect of Varying Velocity on Post-Activation Potentiation of Vertical Jump Performance, Taylor Hatfield, Justine Mucinski, Micah Sall, and Karissa Winkler

Migration from Poor to Rich Countries, Sarah Heffner

Embodied Virtues: A Review of Peripheral Physiological Associations with Human Strengths, Robert Henry

Adaptive Regulation Strategies in Response to Transgression Rumination: Analysis of Written Responses Following Acceptance or Reappraisal Training, Robert Henry, Natasha Jaina Bernal, Fallon Richie, Anna Snyder, and Anikka Van Eyl

In Search of the Virgin Mary: Saint Mary in the Construction of National Identities in Latin America, Jordan Hill

Learning Needs Assessment: Comparing Non-Baccalaureate and Baccalaureate Prepared Registered Nurses, Abby Hodgkinson

Toward Understanding Keratan Sulfate Biosynthesis in the Chick Embryonic Cornea, Kimberly Hodgson and Katherine Supanich

Health Literacy amongst Ethnic Minority and Majority Women in the Acute Care Setting, Anna Holm

Identified Post-Discharge Nursing Interventions for Mothers and Newborns, Emma Rae Humphrey

Resonant Compton Physics for Magnetar Astrophysics, Jesse Ickes, Matthew Eiles, and Matthew Baring

The Impact of the U.S. State Department "Think Again Turn Away" Campaign on ISIS Recruitment, Hunter Ihrman

Interracial Dating, Jubilee Jackson, Corinee Qualkinbush, and Titus Theis

Understanding Pain through the Lens of Merleau-Pontian Phenomenology: How it Applies to Prehabilitation and Rehabilitation, Byoungjoon Jang

Case Studies of Students' Experiences in a Project­-Based Learning Environment, Regan Jekkals and Chris Kruger

Classifying Handwritten Digits without Seeing Them, Jiyi Jiang

Estimation Precision in a Quantile Regression Model, Jiyi Jiang

Pictorial Mnemonic-Strategy Interventions for Children with Special Needs: Illustration of a Multiply Randomized Single-Case Crossover Design, Evan Johnson

Does Helping Increase Well-Being? Experimental Evidence for the Role of Virtuous Behavior in Meaning in Life, Evan Johnson and Megan Edwards

Exon Amplification and Sequencing within the Oxytocin Receptor Gene (OXTR) among Persons with Alzheimer Disease, Jamie Johnson and Michelle Kerr

Math and Reading Skills Improvement Through-out an After-School Program, Clarissa Johnston, Whitney Holmes, and Breanna Wisneski

Sexual Assault on Campus: How Does Socioeconomic Background Determine a Student’s Likelihood to Report?, Melanie Julison

Exploring Visual Appeal of Women's Health Apps, Noah Jurik

Shaped by Flames, Noah Jurik and Robert Byrne

Done Fuming Over High Gas Costs: Do Low Gas Prices Increase Automobile Purchases?, Maxwell Kaiser

Janelle Monáe; The Ultimate Space Maker, Nina Kay

Braveheart: The Role of Films in Historical Storytelling, Colin Kelly and Joseph Williams

Spanish Linguistics in the Medical Field: Interpretation, Jayne Kessel

Sleep in Preschoolers: Memory, Health, and Environment, Ohanes Khacherian

Loline Biosynthesis Gene Expression by Epichloë Fungi Grown under In Vivo and In Vitro Conditions, Sarah Faith Kim

Do Families Choose Segregation? The Impact of Local Education Market Composition on School Segregation, Kaylee Kish

The Physiology of Positivity: Implications of Mindfulness, Hope, and Gratitude in Alleviating Worry, Allison Kleppinger, Hailey Fairchild, Amy Hoag, Maxwell Schuiteman, Alexander Swain, Fallon Richie, Mara Bottomley, Ethan Goodman, Morgan Herzog, Madison Mertz, Manna Shintani, Hillary Smith, Lucas Wiles, Austin Elluru, and Christian Otteman

Grateful Remembering, Present Awareness, and Hopeful Anticipation: An Assessment of Worrying and Mental Health in College Students, Allison Kleppinger, Fallon Richie, Manna Shintani, Christian Otteman, Lucas Wiles, Hillary Smith, Mara Bottomley, Austin Elluru, Hailey Fairchild, Ethan Goodman, Morgan Herzog, Amy Hoag, Madison Mertz, Maxwell Schuiteman, and Alexander Swain

Needs Assessment of Community-Based Service Provider to Children with Disabilities and their Families in Zhengzhou, China, Samantha Klokkert

Sex Trafficking Intervention: A Therapeutic Approach to Helping Victims, Ashley Krause

Balancing High-Stakes Testing Pressure and Learning 21st Century Skills—Is it Possible? The STREAM Story, Christopher Kruger and Regan Jekkals

Exploring the Role of xCT in Neurore-generation through Laser Ablation of Zebrafish Neurons, Nicole Ladd

Comparing the Effect of Sodium Bicarbonate on Time to Exhaustion on a Cycle Ergometer Test in Men vs. Women, Morgan Leep, Lindsay Lehman, David Lenzi, and Sam McNulty

PIXE-NRA Analysis to Determine Metalloprotein Complete Stoichiometry, Elizabeth Lindquist

Smoking as a Predictor of Teenage Pregnancy, Jessica Lindquist

A Statistical Analysis of River Flow Rate and Turbidity, Brieana Linton and Micaela Wells

Wildlife Use Patterns in a Constructed Wetland, Courtney Lohman, Katherine Pniewski, Alexandria Wubben, and Gracie Curtis

The Authorship of John and the Identity of the Beloved Disciple, Nathan Longfield

Development of a Low-Cost, Rapid Screening Method to Measure Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances in Groundwater, David Lunderberg, Cody Berkobien, Megan Czmer, Margaret Dickinson, John Harron, Brieana Linton, Brandon Miller, Evelyn Ritter, and Shannon Urbanik

Can Childhood Activity Level and Outdoor Experience Predict Adult Outdoor Exposure, Physical Activity, and Body Mass Index?: A Retrospective Approach, Kara Lurvey, Alejandra Guzman, Sarah Thoman, Esveide Mendoza, Leslie Miller, Grace Bergt, Taylor Prokott, Cara Schipper, Tingxuan Zhang, Lauren Boyle, Manna Shintani, Katelyn Dufek, and Amanda Gibson

In China and America, How Do Differing Societal Values Regarding Parenting Affect a Child’s Development?, Vania Macias, Yi Qian, and Stephen Rivas

Population of 13Be in Nucleon-Exchange Reactions, Braden Marks

Preparing for Harvesting Rare Isotopes at FRIB: Production and Separation of Vanadium-48, Boone Marois

Injury to the Hip in Military Personnel: A Case Study, Tyler Marone

A Framework for General Chemistry and Biology Laboratory Design and Evaluation, Sarah Mattioli and Elizabeth Ensink

Exploring the Effect of Electrolyte Composition on the Charge Capacity of Nickel Hexacyanoferrate Thin Films, Walter Meeker

The Relationship between Gender, BMI, and Activity Preference Among Preschool Students, Esveide Mendoza, Leslie Miller, Tingxuan Zhang, Cara Schipper, Taylor Prokott, Amanda Gibson, Grace Bergt, Lauren Boyle, Katelyn Dufek, and Manna Shintani

The Impact of Worry on College Students, Madison Mertz, Mara Bottomley, Morgan Herzog, Austin Elluru, Ethan Goodman, Hailey Fairchild, Amy Hoag, Allison Kleppinger, Christian Otteman, Fallon Richie, Maxwell Schuiteman, Manna Shintani, Hillary Smith, Alexander Swain, and Lucas Wiles

The State of the Arts in Holland: the Roles of Art and Identity in Community, Ellen Messner and Hannah Pikaart

Division and Fall: Modernity, Confessionalism, and the Church Struggle in the Third Reich, Matthew Meyerhuber

Elucidating the Anti-Tumor Mechanisms of Naturally Derived Capsaicin, Nicole Meyer and Samantha Moffat

Antiproliferative Ruthenium Complexes, Lyndsy Miller

A Chip Off the Block? Does Parental Marital Status Influence the Health Choices of Children?, Lauren Mioduszewski

Cross-Cultural Photographic Representations of Happiness in USA, Japan, and Honduras in College Students, Jean Luc Miralda

Development of a Novel Transition Frequency Eigenvalue/Principal Component Approach for the Analysis of Eye-Tracking Data, Kirsten Monson, Yong Chul Yoon, Murchtricia Charles, and Chantel Ible

The Effects of Foam Rolling on Vertical Jump and Flexibility in Division III Female Power Athletes, Betel Mulat, Aurelie McCarus, Megan Gregorski, and Gwendolyn Casper

Test-Retest Reliability of Postpartum Depression Risk Factors Questionnaire (PDRFQ) and Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale (EPDS), Christina Mulder

The Effects of a Junk Food Diet on the Prefrontal Cortex: Behavioral and Protein Analyses, Kaleigh Mullen, Spencer Morgan, and Zachary Dreyer

Clustering Farms According to Using Data from Categorical Variables, Catherine Namwezi

The Relationship Between Politics, Media and Ethnicity in Kenya, Catherine Namwezi

Investigating Mycobacteriophage-Host Protein Interactions, Andrew Neevel, Gloria Chang, Morgan Cinader, and Adam Krahn

Bending and Bifurcation of a Superconductor Resonator with Engineered Nonlinearity, Alec Nelson

Can Generosity Increase Well-Being? Identifying Experimental Effects and Possible Mediators, Hanna Newbound and Alexa Rencis

History of the Syrian Civil War, Colin O'Connor

Factor Analysis of the Postpartum Depression Risk Factors Questionnaire (PDRFQ) plus the Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale (EPDS), Kelsey Otter

Incidence of Infection of Wolbachia Bacteria in Botanophila Flies, Lydia Pagel

Vestibular Role in Concussion, Brandon Parcell

Does Mutation of a Putative Nedd 4-2 Binding Site Within the C-terminus of xCT Inhibit its Ubiquitination?, Sehyun Park, Matthew Petrovich, Philip Versluis, and Emma Hardy

Dealloying NiCo and NiCoCu Alloy Thin Films Using Linear Sweep Voltammetry, Benjamin Peecher

Portuñol: Portuguese-Spanish Contact in Uruguay, Elizabeth Perkins

Level Curves of a Real Algebraic Function, Sarah Petersen and Anna Snyder

How Do Public Beliefs About Gender on Various Dimensions Influence Female Candidate Policy Preferences in the Form of Their Stated Foreign Policy Agendas?, Alexandra Piper

Letter Writing, Morale, and Marriage: The Unique Letter Writing Role of Women During World War II and a Commentary on Marriage, Alexandra Piper

Crystalline Channeling of MeV Ion Beams, Jacob Pledger

Exploring Technology Usage and Leisure Activities from Childhood to Emerging Adulthood, Taylor Prokott, Amanda Gibson, Esveide Mendoza, Grace Bergt, Sarah Thoman, Manna Shintani, Leslie Miller, Tingxuan Zhang, Lauren Boyle, Cara Schipper, and Katelyn Dufek

Microplastic Beach Pollution, Sarah Ratliff

Flourishing in the Wake of a Disaster: Investigating the Effects of Disaster-Related Stimuli on Meaning, Well-Being, and Religion, Alexa Rencis and Rachel Hibbard

In the Key of Britain: The Making of British Music, 1900-1930, Colin Rensch

Embodying Hope: The Impact of Hopeful Thinking on Cardiovascular, Psychological, and Linguistic Indicators, Fallon Richie, Natasha Jaina Bernal, and Anikka Van Eyl

Cultivating Hope and Happiness through Grateful Remembering: A Two-Study Assessment of Trait and State Gratitude, Fallon Richie and Nicholas Pikaart

Creation and Assessment of Day1 Research Communities, Emma Ropski

Emergency Department Quality Improvement: Patient Medication Education, Elizabeth Roskamp

Tax the Rich: Studying our Tax Policy and the 1%, Matthew Rueping

Development of a Wireless Sensor Node for Structural Health Monitoring, Jeffrey Russcher and Courtney Myers