The Celebration of Undergraduate Research and Creative Performance at Hope College is an annual opportunity for student-faculty collaboration. Students complete research projects under the guidance of a faculty member, which is then presented at the Celebration. For more information, please visit the Celebration of Undergraduate Research and Creative Performance website.

Note: Posters are only available for download when they have been approved by faculty mentors and provided by students. If a poster is not present in the repository it will not be available.




Hope College Abstracts: 15th Annual Celebration of Undergraduate Research and Creative Performance, Hope College


Life on the Edge: How Project Based Learning Affects Undergraduates Engineering Education, Cindy Alexander and Melanie Lloyd

Exploring the “Pre-College Schooling” Attribute of Tinto’s College Persistence Model through Public vs. Private Education, Kirstin Anderson

Going, Guzzling, Gone? The Effects of Gasoline Prices on Consumer Vehicle Procurement, Kyle Anderson

A Turning Point For Japan, Toru Ashida

The Polar Front: A Historical Narrative Derived from the Oral History of the American North Russian Expeditionary Forces, Jonathan Bading, Cassidy Bernhardt, Carolyn Ellis, and Alejandra Gómez Limon

The Face of Hope: How Perceived Minorities and Other Topics Have Shaped the Experience and Contributions of Hope Students, Ellee Banaszak, Grace Hulderman, Anna Jones, and Gianna Ramirez

Tracing the Sand Dunes: Using a Combination of Panoramic Photography and Dune Pins to Track Changes in Michigan's Sand Dunes Over Time, Elle Banaszak and Matthew Selesko

Fast Colorimetric Titration of Boron Tribromide Using N,N-Dimethylaniline, Brianna N. Barbu

Should the Federal Government be Involved in State-Funded Public Education?, Corben Barnett

The Durational Effect of Self-Myofascial Release Using a Foam Roller on Range of Motion and Flexibility, Samuel Barthel, Zachary Boersema, Elizabeth Bransdorfer, Andreas Slette, and Christine Zhao

The Qualitative Fundamental Motor Performance Characteristics of Preadolescent Obese Children, Samuel Barthel and Elizabeth Bransdorfer

Divergent Neighbors: Post-Revolution Development in Tunisia and Libya, Austin Beaudoin

Driving Down Teen Employment? Determining the Effect of GDL Programs on Employment Among 16- and 17-year-olds, Alexander Belica

Affording an Active Lifestyle, Grace Bergt, Lauren Boyle, and Katelyn Dufek

Implicit Desires vs. Explicit Standards: What Matters More for Partnering Behaviors?, Natasha Jaina Bernal, Tara Murray, and Chloe Werkema

Flying Fears Revealed: Effect of September 11, 2001 Terrorist Attacks on Short-Term Domestic Airline Ridership, Ethan J. Beswick

Assigning and Testing Function from Structure of Uncharacterized Proteins, Sarah Bettag, Mark Cunningham, Christopher Da Silva, Christopher Gager, Morgan Glover, Kylie Jacobs, Lauren Kennington, Jacob Knol, Nicole Ladd, Katherine Mader, Mary Margaret Magán, Yubing Mao, Eleanor Marinelli, Lyndsy Miller, Ross Nickels, Sarah Ratliff, Alison Rhodes, Claire Schaar, and Meredith Turner

The Effect of Directing Groups on the Rate of Rhodium-Catalyzed Decarbonylation Reactions, Sarah Bettag, Yubing Mao, and Cameron Pratt

Does Lithium Diminish Manic/Depressive Behaviors in Rats Associated with HCA Exposure?, Rebekah Bierema, Sarah Carrara, Brianna Cherry, Ethan Goodman, Amy Hoag, Allison Kleppinger, Kathleen Muloma, Jada Royer, and Lucas Wiles

The Effects of Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitated Stretching and Plyometric Exercise on Broad Jump Performance, Brian Birckelbaw, Ian Dukehart, Natassia McQueen, Aleksandrs Molenaar, and Travis Toia

Learning Needs Assessment: Comparison of Perceived Learning Needs of Registered Nurses Based on Age and Shift Type, Katherine Bird

Oxytocin Receptor Gene Variation and Forgiveness: A Study of Traits and States, Audrey Black, Trechaun Gonzales, Robert Henry, Marina Milad, Morgan Miller, Samantha Moffat, Elizabeth Perkins, Madeleine Ryan, and Chloe Werkema

Parameterizing Fluorescent Protein Chromophores For Molecular Dynamics Simulations, Dalton Blood and Andreana Rosnik

Exploring Alternative High Schools: Does Emotional Intelligence Matter?, Barbara Bollhoffer and Grace Horn

The Effect of Caffeine on Shot Accuracy and Power in Male Collegiate Lacrosse Players, Justin Bouma, Jennie Moderwell, and Samuel Hansel

Dancing through Hope’s History, Raven Bouvier, Rachel Kennedy, and Nia Stringfellow

Production of Unbound Resonance in 23O, Jaclyn Brett

Applying Editorial Processes to Streamline Manuscript Publication, Elizabeth Brigger

Flood Narratives and Catastrophic Lessons: the Cultural Reminders of Apocalyptic Mythology, Joshua Briggs

A Crisis that Spans the Atlantic: A Comparative Study of the Housing Crisis in American and French Cities, Madeline Brochu

The Effect of Runner’s Tea on Fat Oxidation in Recreational Runners, Vanessa Brockhouse, Casey Campbell, Chelsea Root, and Elizabeth Sitterley

Service Providers: A Faith-Based Comparison, Hunter Brumels

Chiari Malformation in a Collegiate Football Player, Jamie Bulthuis

“For the Boys Over There”: The 1918 United War Work Campaign, Ian Bussan, Miriam Roth, Samuel Stout, and Jonathan Tilden

Spin-Dependent Cyclotron Total Widths in Strong Magnetic Fields, Sarah Caballero

The Invasion of Sea Lamprey in the Great Lakes, Chloë Caltrider and Sarah Mozdren

An Investigation of Dietary Habits in Overweight and Obese Children; Impact of a Childhood Wellness Intervention, Caitlyn Campbell

Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption, Casey Campbell

Evaluation of the Gender Pay Gap: The Value of Parental Leave, Ryan Campbell

What America’s Prison Policy Means, Alexander M. Carpenter

The Impact of U.S. Defense Spending on Long Term Economic Growth, Daniel Carrick

Characterization of the Pseudocapacitive Nature of Surface Bound Prussian Blue Analogues, Daniel Clark

Effect of Different Tempo Music on Balance Performance in Fatigued College Students, Kristen Coffman, Katrina Greathouse, Michelle Hance, Lauren Hazekamp, and Kathleen Williams

Distributed Leadership: Understanding Leadership in Communities of Practice, Matthew Commet

Smitten in the Mitten: Examining Trump Support in Michigan, Thomas Conerty

The Justice of God and "The New Jim Crow", Jessica Cronau

The Effects of Education on Economic Growth, Kevin Cross

A Course-Based Research Experience Approach to Examining Host Factors Involved in Viral Replication, Gracie Curtis, Erin Alenciks, Jacob Bordeaux, Brittany Buchholz, Jennifer Buckingham, Chelsea Chase, Jennifer Fuller, Molly Gritt, Jessica Guillaume, Jacob Iceberg, Daniel Kosiba, Francesco Moen, Dimitrie Nastasa, Santiago Rios, Clara Schriemer, Ryan Skowronek, Glen Smith, Connor Smith, Julia Stock, Andrew Teahan, and Samantha VanderYacht

Isolation of 18 Novel Mycobacteriophages and Genomic Analyses of Krueger and Phrappuccino, Allison Darnell, Emily Downs, Riley Draper, Ford Fishman, Cassandra Harders, Julie Isola, Kailee Keiser, Trinity Knight, Allison Lindquist, Sarah Mozdren, Derrick Obiri-Yeboah, Megan Oostindie, Chase Pearce, Daniel Pelyhes, John Peterson, Shannon Smith, Tristan Tobias, Alexandra Vroom, Molly Bogolin, Haley Fischman, and Jada Royer

Previous Hospitalization as a Risk Factor for Clostridium difficile Infection, Laris Davenport

The Impact of the Great Recession on Post-Secondary Enrollment in Japan, Brett Dawsey

Elucidating the Mechanism and Expanding the Scope of Organometallic Nucleophiles Utilized in the Nickel-Mediated Decarbonylative Cross-Coupling of Substituted Phthalimides, Kimberly DeGlopper, Mason Yoder, Kyle Lindberg, and Megan Kwiatkowski

Development of a Novel Method to Measure Per- and Polyfluoralkyl Substances in Paper and Textiles, Margaret Dickinson, Cody Berkobien, Megan Czmer, John Harron, Brieana Linton, David Lunderberg, Brandon Miller, Evelyn Ritter, and Shannon Urbanik

The Ballets Russes in Grand Rapids, February 1917, Claire Dickson, Hilary Hunsberger, and Matthew Costello

Predicting Transition in Bean Beetle Embryo Development Using Wavelet Transforms and Neural Networks, Zachary Diener

Reconsidering Drug Policy—Marijuana, Elliott Digison

The Effect of Creatine Monohydrate on Male Ice Hockey Players’ Skating Sprint Speed, Thomas Doherty, Jordan Kalsbeek, Ryan Restum, and Brandon Richardson

Monovalent Ion Parameterisation for the Optimal Point Charge (OPC) Water Model, John Dood

Incorporation of Boronic Acids in Cross-Coupling Reactions Proceeding through C-C Activation, Stanna Dorn, Chad Compagner, Joseph Dennis, and Connor McNeely

Communities of Practice: Improving Chemistry Teaching through Online Collaboration, Anna Dowd

An Analysis of Cultural Prejudice and its Impact on Education, Sarah Downing

Surface Stimulation as a Potential Treatment for Phantom Limb Pain, Brooke Draggoo and Payton Hoff

Healthcare: Does the Affordable Care Act Work?, Andrew W. Dunn

Investigation of the Aspirin Oily Phase, Joshua Dykstra

Achilles Tendon Rupture in Collegiate Athletes, Max Elder

The 1-42 Isoform of Amyloid Beta Reduces Cell Viability of Salmonella enterica, Brandon Ellsworth and Aaron O'Meara

The First Inoculation Debate: A Quantitative Text Analysis of the Boston Smallpox Epidemic of 1721, Elizabeth Ensink

Design and Evaluation of Day1 Peer Partnership Learning Course Materials for General Chemistry and General Biology, Elizabeth Ensink and Morgan Ricker

Why Women are Failing to be Elected to Higher Political Offices, Rosemarie Falsetta

Biodensities of Lake Michigan Aquatic Life between 2005 and 2010, Natalie Filipowicz and Allison VanderStoep

Modeling Surface Electrode Stimulation, Kathleen Finn and Jessica Gaines

Host Lipids Associated with Genome Replication in Flock House Virus, Haley Fischman and Kayla Schipper

Peroneal Tendon Subluxation: a Case Study, Emily Florek

Effects of Light and Ambient Temperature in a Diurnal Rodent, the Nile Grass Rat, Garrett Fogo, Alyssa Goodwin, Ohanes Khacherian, and Brandi Ledbetter

Chiropractic Care in a Division III Setting, Emma Forlow

Is Poverty Higher Among Immigrants Than Among Other Minority Groups?, Mahja Foster

Myth Against the World: Bardo-Druidism and Welsh National Identity, 1792-1900, Rebecca Fox

Free Speech on College Campuses, Zachary Francisco

Representations of Hope College: An Examination of the Orations of the Class of 1866, Natalie Fulk

The Road to Genocide: Reasons for the Herero Rebellion in German South-West Africa, Natalie Fulk

Illustrating Ecology: Artwork for Visualizing Concepts in the General Biology Lab, Jennifer Fuller

Nesting Cavity Preference in Carnegiea gigantea, Jennifer Fuller

Liberty, Equality, Sisterhood: The Role of Women in the French Revolution, Julia Fulton

Development of Novel Plasmids for use in Neuroregeneration Studies in Zebrafish, Christopher Gager

The Acute Effects of Foam-Rolling and Dynamic Stretching on Flexibility, Sandra Garcia, Hannah Johnsen, and Lily Mehta

Activity Preferences and Cognitive Development in Children: Effects of Children’s Preference for Active Outdoor Activities Versus Sedentary Indoor Activities on Cognitive and Literacy Scores, Kristen Garrett, Emily Forster, and Kara Niffin

An Unrecognized Inspiration: An Analysis of the Influence of Édouard Manet, Shannon Gill

Stage Managing The Tempest, Nathan Gingrich

Self-Determination Skills: Are Ready for Life Students Prepared for the Future?, Savannah Girmscheid and Mikayla Freyling

Aggregation of A(12-28) in the Presence of Ru3O clusters, Morgan Glover

Tipping the Scales: Do Gasoline Prices Fuel the Obesity Epidemic?, Matthew Glowacki

The Influence of Religion on College Campus Crime, Nicholas Glowacki

Take a Look at Snail Fever, Jason Gombas, Marissa Solorzano, and Anisha Zepeda Moreno

Analysis of Immigration Public Opinion and its Effect on Immigration Reform, Alejandra Gómez Limon

What Factors Enabled Passage of the LIFE Act and Failure of the DREAM Act?, Alejandra Gómez Limon

Correlation Between a Nation’s Human Trafficking Rates and Socioeconomic Status, Steven Gomez, Katrina Dykstra, and Jacqueline Villarreal

“Peace and Quiet and Good Tilled Earth:” Mimesis in Tolkien’s Shire, Anna Goodling

This Earthly Realm is Fraught: Eall is Earfoðlich, Anna Goodling

Statistical Analysis of Lake Sturgeon Data to Find Association and Correlation, Kellen Gove and Zachary Terpstra