The Celebration of Undergraduate Research and Creative Performance at Hope College is an annual opportunity for student-faculty collaboration. Students complete research projects under the guidance of a faculty member, which is then presented at the Celebration. For more information, please visit the Celebration of Undergraduate Research and Creative Performance website.

Note: Posters are only available for download when they have been approved by faculty mentors and provided by students. If a poster is not present in the repository it will not be available.




Hope College Abstracts: 14th Annual Celebration of Undergraduate Research and Creative Performance, Hope College



Effectiveness of Online Altruistic Viral Videos on Altruistic Attitudes and Behaviors, Jonathon Anderson and James Clark

Designing Improved Light Responsive Actuators through Mechanical Testing and Materials Development, Ryan Backman and John Baranski

GMOs: Salvation for Impoverished Farmers? What Economic Effect can GMOs have on the Farmers of African Countries and India?, Fernando Bahena, Sieun Lee, and Astrid Mendez

The Effect of Beta- Alanine Supplementation on Time to Exhaustion in Collegiate Middle Distance Runners., Maggie Bailey, Andrew Borror, Jordan Hoogerhyde, Taylor Klos, and Sydney Papa

La Paysanne et L’héroïne: The Life and Mission of Joan of Arc in the Social Context of the Middle Ages, Alexandra Barbu


New Modes of Initiating Cation Radical Cycloaddition Dimerization and Polymerization Reactions, Brianna Barbu, Eun Jung Shin, Eric Webb, and David Green

Perceived Religious Discrimination of the Affordable Care Act: A Millennial Generation Perspective, Chelsea Barfield

Prayers, Tithes and Tweets: A Rhetorical Analysis of Joel Osteen’s and Pope Francis’s Discussion of Fruits of the Spirit on Twitter, Allison Barnes

Faith and Humanitarian Aid in Wartime China, 1937-1941, Claire Barrett

The Influence of Building Size and Window Characteristics on the Frequency of Bird Fatalities at Hope College, Michael Barrows, Nicholas Gibson, Emily Kindervater, Courtney Lohman, and Alex Vandervest

Isolation of 35 Mycobacteriophages and Genomic Analysis of the Novel Mycobacteriophage, Bella96, Keagan Belyk, Jacob Conroy, Kyle Cushman, Monica Elliott, Joseph Fifer, Sean Gitter, Austin Gutting, Emily Kain, Danny Kosiba, Sieun Lee, Kim Nguyen, Nicholas Parliament, Hayley Reitsma, Maxwell Sievers, Stephen Talaga, Philip Versluis, Yong Chul Yoon, Robert Zick, and Molly Bogolin


The Harry Brorby Project, Amanda Bennick, Brant Biba, Rachael Corey, Monica Dwyer, Austin Garcia, Stephanie Harron, Mason Hunt, Nancy Laning, Erin Schregardus, Amy Van Dommelen, and Sai Wang

Two Dimensional Intermodulation Distortion Scanning of Superconducting Filter Resonators, Michael Bischak

Parameterization of Fluorescent Protein Chromophores, Dalton Blood


Exploring Alternative High Schools: Does Emotional Intelligence Matter?, Barbara Bollhoffer and Grace Horn

Bone Density Screenings Among the Diabetic Population, Alissa Boone

Surface Stimulation as a Potential Treatment for Phantom Limb Pain, John Boss and Carson Tobias

Quality of Life in Patients with a Left Ventricular Assist Device (LVAD), Pierce Bourgeois

Implementing a Coordinate Transformation for Scintillating Arrays, Jaclyn Brett and Branden Marks

Holland's Centennial Park and the Greater Movement for Public Greenspaces, Joshua Briggs, Austin Garcia, Olivia Pilon, and Miriam Roth

Comparing the Training Effects of Slow Flow to Power Yoga on Flexibility, Balance and Aerobic Capacity in College-Aged Females, Lauren Brown, Ashleigh Stewart, and Hannah Tweed


Performance Anxiety in Athletes, Cody Brumm

Teaching and Learning: The Impact of the Hope College Summer Enrichment Program on Hope Students and Child Attendees, Jessica Burtka

Herbert Butterfield and the History of Science, Ian Bussan

Validity of the Shuttle MVP™ on Improving Vertical Jump Compared to Depth Jump Training in Experienced Collegeaged Jumpers, Kristi Cekander, Jenna Grasmeyer, Julia Gomez, Katie Hauge, and Jessica Krantz

Impact of a Nature- Based Science Enrichment Program for Preschoolers on Body Mass Index and Activity Preferences, Bailey Chapman, Brandon Tarallo, Jordan Taylor, Allie Chinander, Sarah Thoman, Hillary Smith, Rebekah Givens, and Jordan VanderLeest


Sweatshops: How Can We Change An Industry That is So Inherently Intertwined With Today’s Culture?, Victoria Chavarria, Rebekah Loker, and Brenda Torres

The Meaning of Hope: Faith and Flourishing, Shengjie Chen and Katelyn Klotz

Gratitude and Hope: A Two-Way Street, Shengjie Chen and Nicholas Pikaart


Preventing Obesity: The Impact of Parental Involvement on Children’s Nutritional Health, Kaitlyn Chiazza

Utilizing Scanning Electron Microscopy to Characterize SCM Tip Degradation and Microsphere Deposition, Daniel Clark

Structural Control of Civil Infrastructure Using Bio-Inspired Wireless Sensor Nodes, Ireana Cook


Do the Highly Skilled Rich Pay Income Taxes? State Tax Incidence using Major League Baseball Data, Joshua Coulter


A Church Divided: The RCA and CRC Schism, Jessica Cronau, Elizabeth Ensink, Matthew Myerhuber, and Jonathan Tilden

Isolation of 35 Mycobacteriophages and Genomic Analysis of the Novel Mycobacteriophage, Glass, Morgan Dalman, Haley Fischman, Ester Fletcher, Kevin Franz, Jessica Guillaume, Emma Hardy, Abigail Jeavons, Clara Jurik, Adam Krahn, Alyssa Machay, Emily Mejicano-Gormely, Matthew Petrovich, Chase Platte, Alison Rich, Jada Royer, Mary Clare Theis, Natalie Vela, and Carl Deeg

What the World Sees, But What’s Really Inside, Kiveran Davidson, Jessica Moore, and Curissa Sutherland-Smith

Promoting Catalysis and Expanding the Scope of Organometallic Nucleophiles Utilized in the Nickel-Mediated Decarbonylative Cross- Coupling of Substituted Phthalimides, Kimberly Deglopper and Megan Kwiatkowski


Jean Moulin and the French Resistance during World War II, Alexandra DeJongh

Incorporation of Boronic Acids in Cross-Coupling Reactions Proceeding through C-C Activation, Joseph Dennis, Chad Compagner, and Connor McNeely

The Effect of Sand Versus Grass Plyometric Training on Vertical Jump, Sprint Performance, and Ankle Flexibility, Maria DeShaw and Jenny Langill

Nursing Body, Mind, and Country: Missionary Nurses and the Hope Hospital School of Nursing in Xiamen, China, Katelyn Dickerson

The Grand Facade: A Comparative Study of Paris and Shanghai in the Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries, Katelyn Dickerson, Brandon Verna, and Katelyn Kiner

The Magic of Words: The Role of Griots in West African Society and Film, Dorothy Dickinson

The Many Voices of Guenevere: Polyphony in “The Defence of Guenevere”, Dorothy Dickinson

Analysis of Various Metalloprotein Stoichiometry’s with Simultaneous PIXE and NRA, Zachary Diener

The Role of Meaning in Attitudes toward Evolution, Anne-Lynn Dillman, Paige Garwood, and Sarah Peterson

Os Trigonum: A Detailed Case Study, Brooke Dippel

Asphalt Recovery from Used Roofing Shingles, Gavin Donley and Delfino Hernandez

Developing Ion Parameters Using Shared GPU Accelerator Hardware, John Dood

Legg-Calvé-Perthes Disease: A Case Study, Hannah Doorn

Investigating the Presence of Heavy Metals in Tattoo Inks, Stanna Dorn and Jeffery Hosmer

Computational Chemistry Infrastructure, Interfaces, and Resources, Richard Edwards and Nathan Vance

Imperial Acculturation: The Lucianic Corpus as a Study in Satire, Mimesis, and Cultural Identity, James Engels

Senior Case Presentation: Brostrom Ankle Reconstruction on Chronic Ankle Injury, Andrew Erickson

Modeling for Surface Stimulation of the Median Nerve, Kathleen Finn, Lane Heyboer, and Julia Slopsema

The Effects of Dynamic and Ballistic Stretching with Differing Rest Intervals Prior to Vertical Jump in DIII Male Football Players, Ashley Fox, Jamel Gault, and Madison Lachance


Youth and Development: At-Risk Youth in the Holland Community, Jennifer Fuller, Robert Lampen, Hayley Schultz, and Anikka Van Eyl

The Importance of Education on Free and Fair Voting in Sub- Saharan Africa, Kyle Funk, Matiana Medrano, and Kristen Szalontai

Indian Novels: Colonial and Post-Colonial History, Christopher Gager, Angelica Rodriguez, and Christian Wierda

The Effects of Existential Threats and Relationship Security on Social Attitudes, Paige Garwood, Evan Johnson, Sarah Peterson, Anne-lynn Dillman, Hanna Newbound, and Alexa Rencis

And the Internet Went Wild: Social Psychological and Social Conflict Functions of the Vaccine Debate, Ethan Gibbons

Public Perceptions of Wolves and Their Return to the Great Lakes State, Ethan Gibbons and Chistopher Seto

Effects of Acute Bach Flower Administration on Anxiety-like Behaviors in Long-Evans Rats, Tamara Gilligan, John Melton, Danielle Meyer, Hana VanderVeen, and Thomas Wright

I Believe Aang Can Save the World: Avatar: The Last Airbender’s Place in the “Literary” Canon, Hannah Gingrich

Capacitance and Hydrogen Evolution Reaction Characterization of Electrodeposited Nickel Alloy Thin Films, Matthew Gira

Examining the Relationship Between BMI and Academic Performance, Rebekah Givens, Hillary Smith, Jordan Taylor, Jordan VanderLeest, Allie Chinander, Bailey Chapman, Sarah Thoman, and Brandon Tarallo

Trinuclear Ruthenium Acetate Clusters as Structural Disruptors for A(1-42), Morgan Glover


Long Term Trends in Size Distribution of Eastern Hemlocks in West Michigan Dune Forests, Andrew Gomez-Seoane and Eric Hederstedt


Objects of Desire: Mimetic Theory in Middle-earth, Anna Goodling

AUX YEUX DE…: A Study of the Perceptions of the Mali Empire, Maria Gowon


Implicit Desires vs. Explicit Preferences: What Matters More for Mate Selection?, Samantha Grody, Nicki Hames, Ivy Keen, Allison Kleppinger, and Tara Murray

Eyewear Against Poverty: What is the Effect of Visual aid on Income?, Erik Groothuis


Theatre and Psychology: Bringing Dissociative Identity Disorder to Life Onstage, Lindsey Hall


Stable Standards or Fluctuating Fancies? Stability and Change in People's Mate Criteria Over 28 Months, Nicki Hames


From Satire to Struggle: An Analysis of Changing American Identity Using Our Show; a Humorous Account of the International Exposition, Hope Hancock


Digital Holland, Michigan, Hope Hancock, Allyson Hoffman, and Madalyn Northuis

The Effects of Agility Training with Weighted Vests on Overall Agility Performance in College Students, Kristi Hansen, Leslie Kempers, Katie Afton, and Ally Lubbers

Gene Expression Patterns in the Notochord of Ciona intestinalis, Matthew Harder


International Adoption: Parent Perspectives, Samantha Hartman and Joy Hartman

The Effect of Intensive Up Hill Training in Improving Running Economy in Collegiate Distance Runners, Katie Hauge

Engineering the Future Academies, Sherah Head, Michelle Ky, Randell Roux, and Marissa Smith

Thermally Reversible Gels for Fabricating Self-Oscillating Structures, Skylar Heidema

How does a Clean Water Project Affect Health in Developing Countries?, Cody Herbruck

Treatments for Depression: Reactions and New Approaches, Amy Hoag

Single-molecule Fluorescence Spectroscopy Using a Home-built Microscope, Timothy Hoffman, Sarah Jernigan, Christopher Davis, Andrew Cutshall, and Derek Summers

Effect of Pet Therapy on Patient’s Anxiety in the Pediatric Emergency Department, Tara Hoover

Reading Skills Have Improved! Results of an After School Tutoring Program, Allix Hutchison and Melissa Lamberts

Suicidality and Relationship with Self, Others, God, and Environment, In Hyuk Hwang

Compton Scattering Cross Sections in Strong Magnetic Fields: Advances for Neutron Star Applications, Jesse Ickes, Matthew Eiles, Matthew Baring, and Zorawar Wadiasingh

“Remember, Unite, Renew”: A Preliminary Situation Analysis of Nyamata, Rwanda, Anysie Ishimwe and Natalie Polanco

Disguise, Kindness, and Musical Magic: The Triumph of Goodness in Rossini’s La Cenerentola, Genevieve Janvrin

Bilateral Chronic Exertional Compartment Syndrome in a 21- Year-Old Female: A Case Study, Anne Japinga

Comparative Evaluation of the Pediatric Pressure Ulcer Prediction & Evaluation Tool (PPUPET) to the Braden and Braden Q Scales for Predicting Risk of Development of Pressure Ulcers In Pediatric Patients, Erin Jipping

Leg Alignment in Beach Chair Position Yielding Optimal Outcomes in Shoulder Surgery Patients, Allie Jobes

Ferroelectric and Conductance Characterization of SrTiO3 Thin Films Grown on Silicon, Andrew Johnson


Mission Monteverde: Mathematical Rainforest Modeling, Benjamin Johnson and Grace Wiesner

Les Femmes Blanches et Les Femmes Noires dans les Cinémas Américains et Africains | White Women and Black Women in American and African Films, Rachael Kabagabu

Evolution of Today’s Crisis in Iraq and the Levant: What are the Underlying Historical and Cultural Factors for the Rise of the Islamic State?, David Kallgren and Kevin Rukundo

Correlation of Historical and Sedimentological Records from Goshorn Lake, a Small Lake in a Coastal Dune Complex of Lake Michigan, Oude Karadsheh, Nicholas Hubley, and Mitzi Carranza