Submissions from 2012

Using the Maximum Likelihood Method to find the Optimal Parameters of the Models Describing the Pulsar Population Statistics, Caleb Billman

Effect of Carrier Doping on Nonlinear Distortion of Signals by Superconducting Films, Michael Bischak and Jinu Thomas

Comparison of Local Nonlinearity in Patterned Superconducting Chips Composed of YBCO and TBCCO Materials with Vertical and Slanted Edge Structures, Sean Cratty

Resonant Compton Upscattering in High Field Pulsars and Magnetars, Matthew Eiles

Nickel, Iron, and Copper in Nanoporous Thin Films, Nathan Graber

“Development of a Low-Background Radiodating Facility at Hope College”, Nicholas Hubley and Kelly Petrasky

Microwave Breakdown of Nitrogen Gas in a Microgap, Timothy Klein

Characterization of Electrodeposited Nanoporous Materials, Kyla Koboski

Spectroscopy of 13Li, Eric Lunderberg

Quantitative Analysis of Various Metalloprotein Compositional Stoichiometries with Simultaneous PIXE and NRA, Andrew McCubbin

Engaging Students in Nuclear Physics Science Camp, Sarah Prill

Differential PIXE Analysis of Layered Automobile Paint, Kiley Spirito

Exploring the effects of target composition on the decay of 13Be , Caitlin Taylor

Composition of the 24O ground-state wavefunction, Eric Traynor

Preparing for FRIB, Nicholas Wozniak

Submissions from 2011

Characterizing the Present Day Spatial Distribution of Nearby Neutron Stars, Caleb Billman

Process for Die Attach and Electronic Testing of High Temperature Superconducting Chips, V. Andrew Bunnell

Doping Dependent Microwave Nonlinearity of Tl2Ba2CaCu2O8-x Superconductor, Candace Goodson

Analysis of Data from Neutron Detectors, Eric Lunderberg

Ion Beam Analysis of Metalloprotein Stoichiometry, Andrew McCubbin

A Study of the Uniformity of NiFe Electrodeposition on a Au Substrate, Daniel McNeel

Construction of the Large multi-Institutional Scintillator Array, Timothy Nagi

PIXE Spectroscopy for Lake Macatawa Watershed Sediment Characterization, Daniel Pesch

Trace Elements of Honey Using PIXE, Sarah Prill

Microwave Electric Field Dependent Visible Emission Spectra in a Collisional N2 Plasma, Cameron Recknagel

PIXE Analysis of Automobile Paint Layers, Kiley Spirito

Development of the Exact Relativistic Compton Scattering Cross Section in Strong Magnetic Fields, Caitlin Taylor

Characterization of Electrodeposited Thin Films Created for Giant Magnetoresistance, Nicholas Wozniak