Submissions from 2012

Herpes Zoster Outbreak in a 20-year-old, Collegiate Volleyball Player: A Case Study, Emilee Anderson

Barefoot Training and its Effects on Balance, Proprioception, and Stability in Adults 65 and Older , Emilee Anderson and Emery Max

Does Drinking Chocolate Milk at Half-time Lead to Better Second Half Performance than Gatorade?, Sarah Antrobus, Kristina Bectel, Liisa Mosher, and Megan Sliva

DVD-Based High Intensity Interval Exercise vs. Moderate Continuous Exercise: Which Type is More Beneficial to Overall Fitness?, Kristine Baldwin, Salome Emmanuel, Zach Jones, and Brittany Schimmel

Effects of Creatine on Sprint Time and Body Composition of Division III Baseball Players, Colton Bodrie, Jesse Fazi, Christopher Harwood, and Dane Roach

Effects of High Intensity Interval Training vs. High Volume Training on VO2max, Power, and Body Composition of College-Age Students, Paul Bowen, Logan Neil, Amanda Norton, and Kylie Padgett

Examination of the Onset, Rehabilitation and Biomechanics of Cuboid Syndrome in Collegiate Female Basketball Players, Kurt Buchholz

Muscular Activity during a Fly Fishing Cast: Evaluation and Comparison According to Casting Ability and Fly Rod Type, Kurt Buchholz and Katherine Voorhorst

“I Think I Have Shin Splints!” Lower Leg Pathologies in Athletics, Amanda Engbers

Balance Rehabilitation in Multiple Sclerosis: A Comparison of Conventional Training with Nintendo® Wii Fit Game Play, Lauren Gaines, Kirstin Robinson, and Christopher Schmelz

Morphea & Other Non-communicable Skin Conditions, Valerie Headley

Effects of Caffeine Ingestion on Cognitive Performance after Maximal Anaerobic Activity, Ryan Holmes, Ryan Richter, Cory Gowman, and Garrett Stier

Rupture of the Ulnar Collateral Ligament, Allison Isham

The Effects of Creatine Supplementation on a 4-Week Linear Periodization Resistance Training Program Among Hope College Students, Dan Kraakevik and Zak Vossen

Ulnotriquetral Ligament Split Tear in a Collegiate Tennis Player, Zach Riepma

Effects of Creatine on Sprint Time and Body Composition of Division III Baseball Players., Dane Roach, Colton Bodrie, Jesse Fazi, and Christopher Harwood

Jones Fractures and Associated Fractures of the Fifth Metatarsal, Kirstin Robinson

Surgical, Structural, and lifestyle Considerations Following Multiple Knee Surgeries, Lauren Welsch

ACL Reconstruction and Posterolateral Corner Repair of the Knee, Sarah Wilhelm

Submissions from 2011

The Effectiveness of the ShakeWeight as a Means of Muscle Strength, Endurance, Hypertrophy and Tone in the Upper Body, Sarah Anthony, Ryan Cotter, Adam Diver, and Kristin Schwenk

Comparison of High Intensity Interval Training and Moderate Intensity Training on Aerobic Capacity of College Students, Kate Brundige, Katie Oosting, Elizabeth Barnes, and Katie Blodgett

Effectiveness of Creatine as a Supplement for Enhancing Power and Endurance in Male Collegiate Basketball Players, Kelvin Carter, Kurtis Carroll, Andy Schuldt, and Colin Bilodeau

Is Chocolate Milk as Effective as a Protein Supplement for Enhancing Strength Following Resistance Training?, Courtney Cook, Christopher Feys, Stephen Hazekamp, and Daniel Karam

Eye Pathologies in Sports, Emily Corstange

The Effects of Strength Training Set Configurations for Improving Muscular Strength in Collegiate Baseball Players, Sara DeWeerdt, Kate Glomski, Katie Sawyer, and Brandon Siakel

The Effect of the Power Balance Bracelet on Balance, Flexibility, and Strength, Dillon Fink, Nicholas Goulooze, and Nicholas McBride

Pre-Exercise Ingestion of High- vs. Low-Glycemic Index Food: Effects on Cycle Time Trial Performance, Carmen Hirsch, Becky Van Kammen, Allyson Wehrly, and Derek Bradley

Pedagogical Approaches to Teaching Motor Skill Stages of Development Using Video Presentation, Kelsey Reimink

Tarsal Coalition in a Female Collegiate Soccer Player, Molly Schab

Effects of Caffeine on Repeated Sprint Performance in Male Swimmers, Alicia Tuuk, Ashley Olney, and Emily Fischer

Effect of Dietary Intake of n-6 and n-3 Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids on Speed and Power in Humans, Andrew Young