Submissions from 2015


Writing About Cannibal Diets And Consuming Black Africans In France During The First Half Of The Twentieth Century, Lauren Janes

Defeating Lee: A History of the Second Corps, Army of the Potomac, Fred L. Johnson, III


Working for God, Country, and “Our Poor Mexicans”: Catholic Women and Americanization at the San Antonio National Catholic Community House, 1919-1924, Jeanne D. Petit


Bathsheba as an Object Lesson: Gender, Modernity and Biblical Examples in Wang Mingdao's Sermons and Writings, Gloria S. Tseng

Submissions from 2014


Curiosité Gastronomique Et Cuisine Exotique Dans L'entre-deux-guerres Une Histoire De Goût Et De Dégoût, Lauren R. Janes

Submissions from 2013


Mere Believers: How Eight Faithful Lives Changed the Course of History, Marc Baer


Review of "The Monster Evil: Policing and Violence in Victorian Liverpool" by John E. Archer., Marc Baer

Review: Thomas Carlyle Resartus: Reappraising Carlyle's Contribution to the Philosophy of History, Political Theory, and Cultural Criticism, Paul E. Kerry and Marylu Hill (eds.), Marc Baer

Death in the Ashes: A Fourth Case from the Notebooks of Pliny the Younger, Albert A. Bell

Review: Contested Conversions to Islam: Narratives of Religious Change in the Early Modern Ottoman Empire, Janis M. Gibbs


Review: Workshop of Revolution: Plebeian Buenos Aires and the Atlantic World, 1776-1810, Jonathan Hagood

The Ailing City: Health, Tuberculosis, and Culture in Buenos Aires, 1870-1950 by Diego Armus (Review), Jonathan Hagood

Agentes de Enlace: Nursing Professionalization and Public Health in 1940s and 1950s Argentina, Jonathan D. Hagood

Foreign Correspondence: International Content in the American Journal of Nursing, 1901-1922, Jonathan D. Hagood


Selling Rice To Wheat Eaters: The Colonial Lobby And The Promotion Of "Pain de Riz" During And After The First World War, Lauren R. Janes

Submissions from 2012


The Rise and Fall of Radical Westminster, 1780-1890, Marc B. Baer


A Brief Introduction to Data Mining Projects in the Humanities, Jonathan Hagood


Unidad Médica: Physicians' Unions and the Rise of Peronism in 1930s – 1950s Buenos Aires, Jonathan Hagood

The Ruins of the New Argentina: Peronism and the Remaking of San Juan after the 1944 Earthquake, Jonathan D. Hagood


The Staircase of a Patron: Sierra Leone and the United Brethren in Christ, Tamba M'bayo


“Up Against a Stone Wall: Gender, Power and the National Catholic Community Houses,”, Jeanne D. Petit

Botany or Flowers? The Challenges of Writing the History of Indigenization of Christianity in China, Gloria Tseng

Submissions from 2010

The Secret of the Bradford House, Albert A. Bell

Africa's Colonial Encounter with Europe: Past, Present and Future Underdevelopment, Tamba M'bayo

Assimilation, Tamba M'bayo

Cheikh Amadou Bamba, Tamba M'bayo

Review of 'African Soccer Scapes: How a Continent changed the World's Game', by Peter Alegi, Tamba M'bayo

Tupac Shakur: The Life and Times of an American Icon, Tayannah Lee McQuillar and Fred L. Johnson

Men and Women We Want: Gender, Race, and the Progressive Era Literacy Test Debate, Jeanne D. Petit

The Notables and the Nation: The Political Schooling of the French, 1787-1788, Gloria S. Tseng