Beyond Tolerance and Difference: An Interview with Kristen Deede Johnson

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Summer 2008


"A publication of the Institute for the Theology of Culture : New Wine, New Wineskins of Multnomah Biblical Seminary"


"Contemporary political discourse tends to either languish under lazy appeals to tolerance or devolve into the violence of irreconcilable difference. In her recent book, Theology, Political Theory, and Pluralism: Beyond Tolerance and Difference, Kristen Deede Johnson examines the tradition of political liberalism exemplified by Rawls and its recent post-Nietzschean critics whose agonistic political theory finds conflict basic to politics. Proposing a constructive model of ‘conversation’, Johnson calls for a more deeply Christian political engagement that resists a privatization of belief in the name of ‘tolerance’ while refusing to resort to the rhetorical violence of a triumphalism that would equate state and church." -- from website