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At primarily undergraduate institutions (PUIs), teaching is usually the primary responsibility, and many PUI professors do not regularly produce publications, even if they were hired to include research as an important responsibility. Most instructors at these schools are busy enough with just teaching and other academic responsibilities. It can seem intimidating to think of doing research, writing a research proposal, then a publication, and so on. Perhaps the sum of these duties may seem like a daunting set of tasks, and a "fear factor," consciously or subconsciously, may slow or even stop the research initiative. But at PUIs, it is not just "publish or perish," and how much of that representation exists depends on the undergraduate institution: The best schools may push publication performance, and the weakest may ignore it. Either way, this book provides a new and more positive emphasis.


Primarily Undergraduate Colleges, PUIs, Research, Publish or Perish

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