Removal Time and Efficacy of Riddell Quick Release Face Guard Attachment System Side Clips During 1 Football Season

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Journal of Athletic Training

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National Athletic Trainers' Association




Context: In the National Athletic Trainers' Association position statement, "Acute Management of the Cervical Spine-Injured Athlete," the technique recommended for face-mask (FM) removal is one that "creates the least head and neck motion, is performed most quickly, is the least difficult, and carries the least chance of failure." Industrial and technological advances in football helmet design and FM attachment systems might influence the efficacy of emergency FM removal. Objective: To examine the removal times and success rates of the Quick Release (OR) Face Guard Attachment System (Riddell Sports, Inc, Elyria, OH) throughout and at the conclusion of 1 season of play by a National Collegiate Athletic Association Division III football team competing in the Midwest. Design: Controlled laboratory study. Setting: College laboratory. Patients or Other Participants: A total of 69 randomly selected Revolution IQ (Riddell Sports, Inc) football helmets fitted with the OR system were used. Intervention(s): Each helmet was secured to a spine board, and investigators attempted to remove both of the QR side clips from the helmet with the Riddell insertion tool. Main Outcome Measure(s): Dependent variables included total time for removal of both OR side clips from the FM and success rate for removal of both side clips. Results: The overall success rate for removal of both clips was 94.8% (164/173), whereas the mean times for removal of both clips ranged from 9.92 +/- 12.06 seconds to 16.65 +/- 20.97 seconds over 4 trial sessions. We found no differences among mean times for trial sessions throughout the season of play among the same helmets or among different helmets (P>.05). Conclusions: Removal time and success rate of the Riddell OR were satisfactory during and after 1 season of play despite use in various temperatures and precipitation.


protective equipment; football injuries; cervical spine; airway management; emergency management