Search for structure in the fusion of 28Si+28,30Si and 30Si+30Si

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The article was written by Paul DeYoung during his time at the University of Notre Dame.


Excitation functions for the yields of all the residual nuclei from the 28+ 28,30Si and 30Si+ 30Si reactions have been measured via the gamma-ray technique for center of mass energies in the region within one and two times the Coulomb barrier, using steps of 500 keV in the laboratory system. Thirteen nuclides were identified for the first reaction and ten for the other two. While no structure is shown by the data for the 28Si+ 28Si reaction, we have found evidence for intermediate width structure in the 2α and αpn channels in 28Si+ 30Si, and for broad structure in the total fusion cross section for 30Si+ 30Si. Calculations using a barrier penetration model with one free parameter reproduce the average behavior of the fusion cross sections quite well.