Student Engagement in Liberal Arts Colleges: Academic Rigor, Quality Teaching, Diversity, and Institutional Change

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Handbook of Engaged Scholarship: The Contemporary Landscape. Vol. 1: Institutional Change

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Michigan State University Press




"In the preface to the Handbook of Engaged Scholarship, Hiram Fitzgerald observes that the Kellogg Commission’s challenge to higherEducation to engage with communities was a significant catalyst for action. At Michigan State University, the response was the development of "engaged scholarship," a distinctive, scholarly approach to campus community partnerships.

Engaged scholars recognize that community based scholarship is founded on an underpinning of mutual respect and recognition that community knowledge is valid and that sustainability is an integral part of the partnership agenda.

In these two volumes, contributors capture the rich diversity of institutions and partnerships that characterize the contemporary landscape and the future of engaged scholarship. Volume One addresses such issues as the application of engaged scholarship across types of colleges and universities and the current state of the movement. Volume Two contains essays on such topics as current typologies, measuring effectiveness and accreditation, community–campus partnership development, national organizational models, and the future landscape." -- from publisher's website

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