Standing for Powerful Literacy: Teaching in the Context of Change

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Hampton Press




"The case studies in this book, derived from qualitative research, offer an inside look at the professional lives and classrooms of five teachers. Each teacher is presented in a case study. In various ways, each works to provide equal treatment and access to knowledge of powerful literacy for all the students in his or her classroom. The five teachers do this work within the broader context of mandated reform of literacyEducation. Experienced teacher educators respond in dialogue with key themes and issues raised by the five cases. The volume thus privileges the voices of practitioners--voices easily absent in many of our nation's conversations aboutEducational reform. We see teachers, both novice and experienced, working to juggle, reconcile, or transform political and administrative mandates (with their accompanying predetermined rubrics and resources) with their own knowledge, values, standards, and commitments to their students' learning. This book illuminates the extraordinary in the ordinary by looking closely at practitioners standing for literacy in the context of change." -- summary from publisher website

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