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Rensmo, A.; Hampton, J.R. Comparison of Charge Storage Properties of Prussian Blue Analogues Containing Cobalt and Copper. Metals 2019, 9, 1343.


Prussian blue analogues are of great interest as alternative battery materials because of their long life cycle and potential use of earth-abundant elements. In this work, thin film mixed-metal hexacyanoferrates (HCFs) based on NiCo and NiCu alloys were fabricated in an all electrochemical process. The structure and composition of the samples were characterized, along with the charge storage capacity and kinetics of the charge transfer reaction. For both NiCo-HCF and NiCu-HCF samples, the total charge capacity increased with the substitution of Ni with more Co or Cu, and the increase was larger for Cu samples than for Co samples. On the other hand, the charge storage kinetics had only a modest change with substituted metal, and these effects were independent of the amount of that substitution. Thus, the mixed-metal HCFs have promise for increasing overall storage capacity without negatively influencing the rate capability when used in battery applications.

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