Thermoelastic stress analysis of overlap shear splices constructed from wet lay-up FRP composites

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Overlap shear splices are common in civil FRP strengthening applications when the overall length of a saturated ply becomes prohibitive or access to the surface being strengthened is restricted. The objective of this research was to develop a standard test method for evaluating overlap splices in wet lay-up FRP composite samples. Single-shear specimens were constructed from carbon fiber FRP with variable overlap splice lengths ranging from 1 in to 4 in. Each specimen was subjected to cyclic loading at a rate of 1 Hz and an IR camera was used to monitor the temperature variations resulting from the cyclic stress. A sinusoidal curve fit was applied to the temperature response for each pixel and the resulting amplitude image was used to evaluate the severity of stress concentrations at the ends of the overlap splice region as well as where the top ply of saturated composite formed a kink during lay-up.