A Modular Array to Detect Complex Fragments Produced in Intermediate-Energy Reverse-kinematics Reactions

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A segmented silicon-silicon-plastic array was constructed for studying complex fragment production in heavy-ion reactions with incident energies of 35–100 MeV/u. The array was designed: (1) to measure the energy, position and charge of fragments with 1≤Z≤Zproj; (2) to have high efficiency for detecting fragments produced in reverse-kinematics reactions; (3) to detect events with two or more fragments; and (4) to have a flexible configuration. Each array telescope consists of a 300 μm Si detector, a 5 mm Si(Li) detector and a 7.6 cm plastic scintillator. The elements of the telescope are held by interconnecting modular packages which allow the telescopes to be close packed about the beam direction. This modular array has been used in several different experimental configurations and examples of its performance are presented.

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