g-Factor Measurements of 41+ States in the N=82 Isotones 136Xe and 138Ba

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The g factors for the 4+1 states in Xe136 and Ba138 were measured using the method of time-integral perturbed angular correlation. The levels of interest were populated by the decay of mass-separated I136 and Cs138. g factors of 0.80±0.15 and 0.80±0.14 were measured for the 4+1 states in Xe136 and Ba138, respectively. The above results, along with those for the g factors in the 4+1 state in Ce140 and the 6+1 states in Te134 and Ba138, are well described by a shell-model calculation in which the effective elemental proton g factors are g’l=1.12 and g’s=4.12.

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