A Goodly Heritage: Essays in Honor of the Reverend Dr. Elton J. Bruins at Eighty

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Contents: Church history and theology -- Singing God's songs in a new land: congregational song in the RCA and CRC / Harry Boonstra -- Ancient wisdom for post-modern preaching: the preacher as pastor, theologian, and evangelist / Timothy L. Brown -- Extra-canonical tests for church membership and ministry / Donald J. Bruggink -- Dr. Albertus Pieters, V.D.M.: biblical theologian / Eugene Heideman -- Scripture and tradition-- a Reformed perspective: unity in diversity-- continuity, conflict, and development / I. John Hesselink -- "No one has ever asked me this before": the use of oral history in denominational history / Lynn Winkels Japinga -- Richard Baxter: an English fox in a Dutch chicken coop? / Earl Wm. Kennedy -- Decade of hope and despair: Mercersburg theology's impact on two Reformed denominations / Gregg Mast -- Century of change and adaptation in the first English-speaking congregation of the Christian Reformed Church in Holland, Michigan / Jacob E. Nyenhuis -- What happened to the Reformation?: the contentious relationship between history and religion / J. Jeffery Tyler -- Life and heritage of the Reverend Albertus C. Van Raalte, D.D. -- Civil War correspondence of Benjamin Van Raalte, D.D. during the Atlanta campaign ... / Jeanne M. Jacobson -- Albertus C. Van Raalte as a businessman / Robert P. Swierenga -- Hope College and Holland, Michigan -- Will the circle be unbroken?: an essay on Hope College's four presidential eras / James C. Kennedy -- Vexed question: Hope College and theological education in the west / Dennis N. Voskuil -- Joint archives of Holland: an experiment in cooperative archival preservation and access / Larry J. Wagenaar