Quantum Amplified Isomerization: A New Chemically Amplified Imaging System in Solid Polymers

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This article was published while author Jason G. Gillmore was at the University of Rochester


A new imaging system based on a photoinitiated electron transfer chain reaction is reported. Specifically, irradiation of 9,10-dicyanoanthracene (sensitizer) leads to the conversion of Dewar benzene derivatives (reactants) to benzene derivatives (products) within solid polymer films. The mechanism of the reaction may involve chemical amplification with cation radicals ("holes") as the catalytic species. We present herein studies of both molecularly doped polymers and polymers containing Dewar benzene moieties attached to side chains. The refractive index of the materials could be tuned within a narrow range using this photochemical reaction, as demonstrated by the writing of persistent gratings in forced Rayleigh scattering experiments.

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