Evaluation and Revision of the General Chemistry Lab Curriculum

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Dr. Justin M. Shorb, Chemistry

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An effective General Chemistry Laboratory experience emphasizes inquiry-based learning, reliable data, and connections to current chemistry research. Hope College seeks to constantly improve our curriculum to help students learn more effectively. To do this, an evaluation tool for Hope College’s General Chemistry Lab curriculum was created to guide lab development. In this project, we evaluated the current General Chemistry Lab curriculum and proposed revised labs that will fill in evaluation gaps. We will explain the method of evaluation, describe a new lab structure based on the Science Writing Heuristic, and outline experimental updates made to the curriculum. Besides being more comprehensive, the labs will also introduce students to faculty research. We hope to implement labs which will interest students in furthering their education through research and encourage students to ask questions using inquiry-based curricula. This is the first evidence in the literature for using current faculty research as a theme for a first-year laboratory.


This research was supported by the Hope College Chemistry Department.

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