Same Sex Marriage in the United States

Student Author(s)

Anna Jones

Faculty Mentor(s)

Jack Mulder, Philosophy

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One of the currently contested issues in our society is that of the legality of same-sex marriage in the United States. The goal of my project was to objectively consider the arguments put forth on the either side of the debate by both the media and academic scholars. In so doing, I desired (1) to pinpoint faulty reasoning in popular arguments found on opposing sides of the issue of same sex marriage, and (2) to present cogent arguments for both stances in a way accessible to the general population. In order to accomplish this accessibility I chose the format of dissemination for my research to be that of a Prezi presentation. I believe that this format is one that can be accessible for all people while still retaining a high level intriguing academic thought. My hope is that with my research, people will have an increased capability to think critically about the issue of the legality of same sex marriage in our country and thoughtfully formulate their own positions while respecting those of others.


This research was supported by the Andrew W. Mellon Scholars Program.

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