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Professor Laura McGrath, Andrew W. Mellon Scholars Program

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Founded in 2014, Digital Holland is a publicly accessible website that hosts research about the communities that include and surround Hope College. The website, digitalholland.org, was developed by students in the college’s Mellon Scholars Program, a three-year curriculum of digitally-enabled collaborative research and experiential education funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. The website features engaging galleries and pages covering a wide variety of topics, highlighting the diversity and historical importance of the Holland community. The site also hosts relevant artifacts including images, audio, and video files shared with permission by the Joint Archives of Holland and the Holland Museum. The project continues to grow as Hope College students, Mellon Scholars, and community members contribute to the site. In the 2016-2017 academic year, Digital Holland underwent both an aesthetic and conceptual shift, redefining our audience and user experience. The new Digital Holland actively promotes community engagement through local partnerships, a joint venture in digital public history. In addition, the site features research projects completed by Hope College students from a variety of disciplines, providing a platform to disseminate exemplary scholarship. Our poster highlights both the process and product of the Digital Holland redesign: our work product as a team and the engaging, community-oriented repository of research. We will feature examples of student research exhibits as well as crowd-sourced articles. Digital Holland can serve as an example for other communities and institutions committed to partnering on digital public scholarship.