The Anti-Slavery Almanac

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Dr. Anne Heath, Art History, Prof. Laura McGrath

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The Anti-Slavery Almanac collection is owned by the New York Public Library and visible via their digital commons. This collection of almanacs was published between 1836-1844, and contains a multitude of anecdotes meant to appeal to those in the country who wanted to abolish slavery. In analyzing the collection using digital text analysis tools, our group found that three subjects stood out. These include appeal to religion/morality, sectionalism, and the profound impact women had on the anti-slavery movement. Our research explores each of these topics using The Anti-Slavery Almanac and other supplementary sources. By examining each of these three topics, we hope to provide insight into the humanity behind the abolitionist movement, and illuminate the complexity of a deeply compelling and at times divisive ideology that has shaped the face of America since the early 1800’s.

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