The Effect of the Simply Fit Board Training Program on Balance, Body Composition and Core Strength in College Students

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Dr. Maureen Dunn, Department of Kinesiology

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The “Simply Fit Board” (SFB) is a product that has claimed to improve balance and strength with regular use. SFB training only requires a level surface, like carpet or a linoleum floor, and dumbbell weights with progression in training. Since the product is new, there is no existing research to support its claims; therefore, the purpose of this study was to examine whether or not 4 weeks of training with the SFB would improve balance, core strength and muscle tone, as the company claims it would. 15 students were assessed for static balance using the Star Excursion Balance Test and various two-legged stances on a forceplate. Ground reaction forces on the forceplate were recorded for 20 seconds with eyes open and 10 seconds with eyes closed. Body composition was measured using the Bod Pod, waist circumference, and 3 skinfold sites; the mid abdominal, mid thigh, and supraillium. Lastly, core strength was determined using the curl-up test to a 50 bpm metronome. Participants were matched to the exercise and control group based on gender and initial balance ability. The 10 participants in the exercise group met 3 times per week for a four-week period to undergo SFB training. Training occurred for 10 minutes the first week and reached 30 minutes at the end of the 4-week period for a total of 12 sessions. The control group (n=5) maintained habitual activity. We hypothesized that SFB training would increase core strength in the curl-up test and balance in both the star excursion balance test and force plate analysis. Significant results would provide evidence to support the claims made by the Simply Fit Board company that the board can serve as an effective mode for improving balance, and increasing core strength for this specific population. This study is ongoing, and results will be available during the poster celebration.

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