Love & Information Lighting Design

Student Author(s)

Nils Fritjofson

Faculty Mentor(s)

Ken Chamberlain, Theatre

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Love and Information by Caryl Churchill departs from traditional play structure by presenting fifty contentless scenes in which the setting, mood, and characters are left open ended. The production concept required a lighting design that was simplistic in nature, but allowed for the creation of a unique look for each scene. This project covers the process of creating the lighting design for Hope College's production of this work, starting with conceptual production meetings and concluding with the realized production. The process will be shown through conceptual research images, preliminary paperwork used to flush out the design, and a drafting of the light plot used by the electricians to place the lighting instruments required. Final support paperwork will include a channel hookup and instrument schedule, listings of all the lighting instruments used; the magic sheet, a resource used by the designer to quickly locate and adjust channel levels; and the final cue list. Archival production pictures will be included to show the realization of the design.

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