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Darling is 100% advertisement-free, but still features full-page photos of women. The models tend to be dressed more artistically than sensually, and the magazine claims to focus on women of different ethnicities, upbringings, and job descriptions, in an attempt to increase their readership by broadening their appeal.

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The presence of emoticons--and now emojis--within written messages has increased since the advent of electronic communication. We conducted a quasi-experiment to learn whether a “smirk” emoji would be interpreted as indicating seductiveness by digital natives (Millennials) and non-digital natives (non-Millennials). We surveyed participants (N = 283) and asked them how they interpreted a message that contained the “smirk” emoji. Millennials were more likely than non-Millennials to infer seductiveness from this emoji. Our data suggest age-related differences in how various nonverbal cues are interpreted within electronic communication mediums.