The Celebration of Undergraduate Research and Creative Performance at Hope College is an annual opportunity for student-faculty collaboration. Students complete research projects under the guidance of a faculty member, which is then presented at the Celebration. For more information, please visit the Celebration of Undergraduate Research and Creative Performance website.

Note: Posters are only available for download when they have been approved by faculty mentors and provided by students. If a poster is not present in the repository it will not be available.




Hope College Abstracts: 10th Annual Celebration of Undergraduate Research and Creative Performance, Hope College



The role of Modality and Figurativeness on Semantic Processing: An N400 Study, Stephen Agauas and Elizabeth Miller

Reading, Science, and Mathematics: Why is Finland Ranked Higher than the United States?, Claudia Aguilera, Lydia Thornburg, and Julie Windom


Graph Games: A Human Computing Game Framework, Ryan Alfuth, Matt Jara, Jeff Largent, and Dan Simpson

Mellon Scholars Program: Leonardo da Vinci, Francis I, and the Struggle for International Prestige in 16th-Century France, Athina Alvarez

Braceros and Their Wives: The Effects of Seasonal Labor Migration on Gender Roles in Mexico, Tessa Angell

The Effectiveness of the ShakeWeight as a Means of Muscle Strength, Endurance, Hypertrophy and Tone in the Upper Body, Sarah Anthony, Ryan Cotter, Adam Diver, and Kristin Schwenk

Is the Holland Christian Community Ready?, Sasha Balcazar, Molly Coyle, and Megan Groh

Attempting to Silence a People: The Oppression of the Berbers in North Africa, Gretchen Baldwin

Cleaner Water in Africa, Anna Balow, Ann Marie Paparelli, and Qian Song

Response of Plate Structures to Close-Range Blast Loading, Benjamin Barkel and Benjamin Bjerke

The Effect of Per Pupil Expenditure on ACT Scores, Michael Bazydlo

Resveratrol Ameliorates Brain Damage Induced By Surgical Cannulae: Potential For Treatment Of Parkinson’s Disease, Julia Becker and Kelsey Castillo

Isolation and Genome Sequencing of Two Novel Mycobacteriophages, Optimus and Sassafras, Alexandra Benson, David Blystra, Chrissla Boyea, Rachel Butts, Catherine Calyore, Christopher Davis, Guillermo Flores, Lauren Janness, Kelsey Jeletz, Joshua Kammeraad, Taylor Mann, Danielle Mila, Shayla Patton, Caitlin Ploch, Matthew Ringel, Austin Roblyer, Daniel Schriemer, Thomas Smeltzer, Jonathan Turkus, and Holly Vander Stel

Can You Hear That?, Ashley Berger

Characterizing the Present Day Spatial Distribution of Nearby Neutron Stars, Caleb Billman

Global Bilingual Education Systems: How Can Implementing Them Benefit the United States?, Ashley Blauwkamp and Leah Ewald

The Effects of Religious Involvement on Hope College Freshmen’s Sense of Connection to the College Community, Kylen Blom, Christopher McGann, and Sarah Jones

Perceptions of Michigan Educators on the Michigan Merit Curriculum, Marcy Blowers and Nydia Chavarria


The Model SEED Plug-in for Viewing and Editing Metabolic Models, Benjamin Bockstege and Nicholas Hazekamp


The Milk and Medicine Program Evaluation: Lusaka, Zambia, Lindsey Boeve

An Empirical Correction for Determining SRK and PR Vapor Pressures, Jonathan Boldt

Non-real Zeros of Derivatives of a Class of Real Entire Functions, Jessalyn Bolkema, David Gansen, Nathan Graber, and Hannah Stanton

A Look at Contributing Factors to Delaying Early, Normal, and Late Retirement, Kelsey Bos

System xc- is Regulated by Multiple Mechanisms in U-138 MG Cells, Christina Bowles and Annalise Almdale

Purification and Analysis of Contaminated Water Using Slow Sand Filtration and Metal Ions, Joseph Brandonisio

Novel analogs of curcumins: Development of a method to screen for cytotoxicity against murine cancer cells, Olivia Brockway, Samuel Tzou, and Megan Lee

Luminescence Studies of Feldspar Minerals and Implications for Forensic Geology, Sarah Brokus, Danielle Silletti, J. Mark Lunderberg, and Joshua Borycz

In Search of a 'Heart Song': Worship Music at Hope College, Jocelyn Brousseau and Lauren Conley

Comparison of High Intensity Interval Training and Moderate Intensity Training on Aerobic Capacity of College Students, Kate Brundige, Katie Oosting, Elizabeth Barnes, and Katie Blodgett

Exercise,Cardiac Rehabilitation Participation, and their Relationship with Hopelessness and Depression in Individiuals with Cardiac Disease, Chelsea Brussee

Does Subject Matter, Matter?, Mikella Bryant

Effects of Sunlight and Fire on Autumn Olive (Elaeagnus umbellata) Fruit Sugar Concentration: Do Burns Help or Hinder an Invasive Plant?, Hilary Bultman and Danny Ackert

Process for Die Attach and Electronic Testing of High Temperature Superconducting Chips, V. Andrew Bunnell

Verb Use Among Spanish Immersion Students, Caitlyn Buscher

Volumes and Volatilities: A Study on the Transition from Open-outcry to Electronic Trading in CME Live Cattle Futures, Tyler Busdicker

Mellon Scholars Program: Ralph Vaughan Williams and the English Musical Renaissance: A London Symphony, “Who Wants the English Composer?”, and a New English Music, Katherine Callam

Stress Analysis of Artificial Shoulder Joints, Christian Calyore

Effects of Listener Characteristics on Speaker Identification by European American Listeners, Jacqueline Canonaco, Chelsea Lynch, Ryan Tussey, and Elizabeth Van Oss

Effectiveness of Creatine as a Supplement for Enhancing Power and Endurance in Male Collegiate Basketball Players, Kelvin Carter, Kurtis Carroll, Andy Schuldt, and Colin Bilodeau

Modeling Fluorescently Tagged DNA and RNA Oligonucleotides for Direct Comparison to FRET Experiments, Alyssa A. Cassabaum, Andrew E. Cook, Christine A. Gobrogge, Alyssa M. Stevenson, Amy L. Speelman, Arcelia S. Ortega, David A. Paul, and Bryan A. Leland

Investigating Biopolymer Function and Probe Dynamics Using Fluorescence Techniques, Alyssa Cassabaum, Andrew Cook, Christine Gobrogge, Alyssa Stevenson, Arcelia Ortega, Christian Calyore, Jacquelyn Lewis, David Paul, Amy Speelman, and Condrad Tobert

Is Chocolate Milk as Effective as a Protein Supplement for Enhancing Strength Following Resistance Training?, Courtney Cook, Christopher Feys, Stephen Hazekamp, and Daniel Karam

Crossing the Moat: The REACH II Allegan County Bog Survey Project, Joshua Cooper

Horizontal Gene Transfer of Plastid Genes between Parasitic Plant Balanophora and Hosts, Jeffrey Corajod

Eye Pathologies in Sports, Emily Corstange

Preschool Children’s Preferences for Outdoor versus Sedentary Activity, Ryan Cotter, Amanda Schab, Sara Dykstra, Ann Frisella, Kelsey Hawkins, and Nathan Love

Real Time Analysis of System xc- trafficking in U138MG cells, Cassie Cramer and Anne Georges


Effects of Population Dynamics and Competition on Parental Investment in Eastern Bluebirds (Sialia sialis), Nickolas Davros and Jennifer LaRoche

The Faces Behind the Furniture: Herman Miller Design Yard Cultural Analysis, Casey Dawson

The Ship Inside A Tempest: The Post-Colonialist Arguments of Aimé Césaire and Michèle Césaire., Abraham De La Rosa

The Effects of Strength Training Set Configurations for Improving Muscular Strength in Collegiate Baseball Players, Sara DeWeerdt, Kate Glomski, Katie Sawyer, and Brandon Siakel

Phylogenetic Relationships between Series of Syringa and Support of Ligustrum Relationship inferred from Sequences of Chloroplast DNA, Jeffrey DeYoung

Monoubiquitylation of Histone H2B in Giardia Lamblia, John Donkersloot and Brenna Lamphear

Monoubiquitylation of Histone H2B and Gene Regulation in Saccharomyces Cerevisiae, Rachel Doud

Design and Implementation of an 8-TET Robot, James Dratz and Cornelius Smits

Metaphor Processing: Neural Responses to Figurativeness and Sensory Imagery, Ashley Drew, Audrey Weil, Elizabeth Burks, and Rebecca Kresnak

Refining FEA Material Models Through Dynamic Testing, Eric Dulmes

Sierra Leone: Violence, Trauma, and Recovery, Carl Dunker and Alyssa Zeldenrust

Mellon Scholars Program: Exploring Hope College’s Rare Book Room: A Treasure Trove of Resources for Students of Art History, Kristen J. Dunn

Relationship of Childhood Body Mass Index and Parent’s Activity Preferences, Sara Dykstra

Health Indicators in Preschool Children, Sara Dykstra, Amanda Schab, Ann Frisella, Kelsey Hawkins, Ryan Cotter, and Nathan Love

Rescuing Haiti’s Next Generation, Delaney Erickson

Disregard for Rules: A Cultural Study of a Student Newspaper Group, Holly J. Evenhouse

Developing a Standard Test Method for Overlap Shear Splices for Wet-Layup FRP Samples, Benjamin Fineout

The Effect of the Power Balance Bracelet on Balance, Flexibility, and Strength, Dillon Fink, Nicholas Goulooze, and Nicholas McBride

Inducing Schizophrenia-like Symptoms in Rats, Guillermo Flores, Chris Davis, Adam Simon, Kara Shelter, Stephen Agauas, Anthony Mucciante, Luke Eastberg, Kirsten Lagowski, Lisa Alvine, and Erin Wick

Hiccups in Hispaniola: What socioeconomic factors led to differences in the health care and poverty level in Hispaniola?, Guillermo Flores, Katelyn Lengacher, and Christopher Stewart

Acculturation and Childhood Obesity within the Latino Population, Mallory Fox

Dancing with Advisors: The Co-cultural Experience of a Collegiate Religious Dance Group, Sarah A. Fraser

Nurture for Nature: Physiological and Psychological Correlates in Preschool Children, Ann Frisella, Amanda Schab, Kelsey Hawkins, Sara Dykstra, Ryan Cotter, and Nathan Love

Mineralogical, Textural, and Infiltration Capacity Analysis of Athletic Field Soils: A Metadisciplinary Study for Turf Management at Hope College, Katherine Garcia and Leah Marie Peterson

Pro-social Tendencies in Adolescents: The effects of Bilingualism, Bilingualism attitudes and Ethnicity, Ashley Garza, Stephen Agauas, and Kyle Stufflebam

Identification of Trafficking Motifs Involved in Constitutive and Regulated Trafficking of System xc-, Anne Georges

A Potluck of Personality: Culture of the Distributed Team at a College, Heather Gill

Identification of a Cytotoxic Gene in Mycobacteriophage Vix, Danielle Goodman

Doping Dependent Microwave Nonlinearity of Tl2Ba2CaCu2O8-x Superconductor, Candace Goodson

Mountain Men: An Analysis of the Modern Day Mountain Man and Tough Guy TV, Michelle Goris

Testing the Predicted Enhancement in DNA Sequence Specificity and Binding Affinity of Formamido-pentaamides over their Formamido-triamide Counterparts, Matt Gregory and Mia Savagian

Haiti: A Country to be Rebuilt, Joe Habbouche

Entrepreneurial Business Creation Response to Monetary Policy, Kevin Hagan

The Friendship House: A Three Year Longitudinal StudyThe Friendship House: A Three Year Longitudinal Study, Alex Harsay and Jillian Valentino

Oxidative Stress Causes Modifications and Decreased Function of System xc-, Matthew Hartwell

Preschool Children’s Self-Efficacy and Preferences for Outdoor Activity, Kelsey Hawkins, Amanda Schab, Ann Frisella, Ryan Cotter, Sara Dykstra, and Nathan Love

Fire History Reconstructed from Charcoal Abundance in a Peat Bog from Allegan Country, Southwest Michigan, Dean Hazle

Avoiding the Next “Great Plague”, Anna Heckenliable

An Empirical Investigation on the Effect of Long Term Debt on Country Bond Yields, Jonathan Herrman

Modeling Biological and Chemical Processes in Slow Sand Filtration, Tabatha Hipshear

Pre-Exercise Ingestion of High- vs. Low-Glycemic Index Food: Effects on Cycle Time Trial Performance, Carmen Hirsch, Becky Van Kammen, Allyson Wehrly, and Derek Bradley

Costume Designs for The Pinter Project, Katie Hoekstra

The Cleveland Orchestra Maestri: Determiners of Repertoire, Artists of Determination, Leah Hottel

Chemically Modified Electrodes: Determining Thin Film Thickness, XiSen Hou and Olajide Banks

Screening Extracts from the Tropical Pioneer Plants Bocconia frutescens, Guettarda poasana, and Phytolacca rivinoides for Anti-Parasitic Activity, Erica Jansen

When the Mindset Matters: A Quantitative Study on Hope College Students’ Recycling Behaviors, Bonnie Jansma, Brittany Konfara, and Alyssa Austin

Effective/Efficient Scheduling Processes for Private Duty Care, Margaret Jipping

Explaining Backyard Racism to Caucasians: Sympathy or Defensiveness?, Stephanie Kahn, Loan Nguyen, Ashley Garza, and Paola Munoz

Free-Jet Vibration-Rotation Spectroscopy of Unstable Species, Kent Kammermeier and Howard Dobbs

Making Snap Judgments about a Stranger's Personality, Hannah Karaptian, Mickael Nunez, Kelsey-Jo Ritter, and Philip Zuska

Paris and Shanghai: Splendor under Siege, Matthew Keller, Sara Batts, Stephen Prior, Lucia Martis, and Amanda Dewey

Introducing Inquiry-Based Computational Science and Modeling to High School Students and Teachers, Cortney J. Kimmel and Catherine L. Ellis