Design, synthesis, and DNA binding selectivity and affinity studies of the tetraamide PhIPI and its diamino analog PhIP*I

Balaji Babu, Hope College
Joseph Ramos, Georgia State University
Yang Liu, Georgia State University
Sameer Chavda, Hope College
Samuel Tzou, Hope College
Olivia Brockway, Hope College
Robert Sjoholm, Hope College
Mia Savagian, Hope College
Shicai Lin, UCL Cancer Institute
Konstantinos Kiakos, UCL Cancer Institute
W David Wilson, Georgia State University
John Hartley, UCL Cancer Institute
Moses Lee, Hope College

Conference: 242nd National Meeting of the American-Chemical-Society (ACS)Location: Denver, CO Date: AUG 28-SEP 01, 2011 Sponsor(s): Amer Chem Soc (ACS)