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In an article, entitled, "Southern Settlements," written on this date by Albertus C. Raalte and published in De Hope on June 24, the proposed settlement in Virginia is outlined. Berend J. Veeneklaassen, Albert Bolks, H. Grebel, J. H. Boone, Jan van de Riet, Meeuwis Hulsebos and others are negotiating to purchase 4,500 acres of land thirty eight miles from Richmond and call the settlement, "Richmonds Westpoint."The price is $12 per acre. V.R. asked the editor to have this article copied also in the Netherlands to encourage emigrants to come to America to this new colony. He said, "We want and desire to see the Dutch, their language and their churches flourish in this open and cultivated region, with such a favorable climate, so rich in raw materials, and so near the Atlantic ocean." Van Raalte is very optimistic about the proposed colony and its prospects.




Holland, Michigan


In Dutch. Translated by Simone Kennedy, 1997.

Description of the document and reference to The Joint Archives of Holland by Dr. Elton J. Bruins.

About the collection:

Elton J. Bruins, long-time professor in the Department of Religion at Hope College, spent years collecting documents by and about Albertus C. Van Raalte, founder of Holland, Michigan and early patron of Hope College. Documents were gathered from dozens of public and private collections, making a nearly exhaustive collection of Van Raalte's writings and reflections. It is these documents that make up the "Van Raalte Papers."

Digitizing the Van Raalte papers was supported by the Dutch Culture USA program by the Consulate General of the Netherlands in New York. The project was done in partnership with Heritage Hall at Calvin University, which also digitized its Van Raalte collections.


The original documents are held in The Joint Archives of Holland.


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