Submissions from 2015

Faithful Witness: A Sesquicentennial History of Central Avenue Christian Reformed Church, Holland, Michigan, 1865-2015, Robert P. Swierenga

Park Township: Centennial History, 1915-2015, Robert P. Swierenga

Submissions from 2011

Envisioning Hope College: Letters written by Albertus C. Van Raalte to Philip Phelps Jr., 1857 to 1875, Elton J. Bruins and Karen G. Schakel

Submissions from 2010

Religion, Ethnicity, and Generation: A Study of Older Dutch-Americans in Holland, Michigan, Peter Ester and Jacob E. Nyenhuis

Introduction, Jacob E. Nyenhuis

Preface, Jacob E. Nyenhuis

Three photographs of 'The Arkville Maze' by Michael Ayrton, Jacob E. Nyenhuis

Across Borders: Dutch Migration to North America and Australia, Jacob E. Nyenhuis, Suzanne M. Sinke, and Robert P. Swierenga

Submissions from 2009


Aunt Tena, Called to Serve: Journals and Letters of Tena A. Huizenga, Missionary Nurse to Nigeria, Jacob E. Nyenhuis, Robert P. Swierenga, Lauren M. Berka, and Harry Boonstra

Submissions from 2008


Dutch-American Arts and Letters in Historical Perspective, Robert P. Swierenga, Jacob E. Nyenhuis, and Nella Kennedy

Submissions from 2007


A Goodly Heritage: Essays in Honor of the Reverend Dr. Elton J. Bruins at Eighty, Jacob E. Nyenhuis

Submissions from 2003


Myth and the Creative Process: Michael Ayrton and the Myth of Daedalus, the Maze Maker, Jacob E. Nyenhuis

Submissions from 1999


Family Quarrels in the Dutch Reformed Church in the Nineteenth Century, Robert P. Swierenga and Elton J. Bruins

Submissions from 1997


A Dream Fulfilled: The Van Raalte Sculpture in Centennial Park, Jacob E. Nyenhuis, Jeanne Jacobson, James L. Gafgen, Leonard Crunelle, William Mayer, and Johnson Atelier