Submissions from 2012

Why Are Asian Americans a Forgotten Sub-Culture and How Are They a Part of American History?, Haley Beck, Christopher Jones, and Allison Leigon

The Veto in the United Nations Security Council, Bryce Groshek, Osiris Morel, and Shubham Sapkota

Students on the Move: Obstacles and Opportunities in the Education of Migrant Children, Miriam Hernandez, Regina Sanchez-Gonzalez, and Laura Van Oss

Optimizing the Collegiate Experience of Learning Disabled Students, Ann Hersey, Matthew Hughes, and Lindsay Timmerman

Sex-Trafficking As a Form of Slavery Today, Heather Nicholson, Clara Starr, and Maxine Terry

Believing Versus Being and Living: The Correspondence Between Leo Tolstoy and Gandhi, Taylor Rebhan