Submissions from 2017


Epistemological Matters Matter for Theological Understanding, Joseph F. LaPorte

Submissions from 2015


Knowledge, Virtue, and Onto-theology: A Kierkegaardian (Self-)Critique, Jack E. Mulder Jr.

What Does It Mean To Be Catholic?, Jack Mulder, Jr.

Submissions from 2014

A Response to Chiang and White on the Immaculate Conception, Jack E. Mulder

A Response to Law and McBrayer on Homosexual Activity, Jack E. Mulder

Governance/Providence, Jack E. Mulder

Martyrdom/Persecution, Jack E. Mulder

Submissions from 2013


Rigid Designation and Theoretical Identities, Joseph F. LaPorte


A Short Argument Against Abortion Rights, Jack E. Mulder

Submissions from 2012


The Africa School: Towards a Logic of Unity?, Andrew Dell'Olio

Abraham Joshua Heschel: Heschel's Use of Kierkegaard as Cohort in Depth Theology, Jack Mulder


Catholic Because I'm a Sinner, Jack E. Mulder


Why More Christians Should Believe in Mary's Immaculate Conception, Jack E. Mulder

Bringing Sex Into Focus: The Quest for Sexual Integrity, Caroline J. Simon

Submissions from 2011


Taking nature mysticism seriously: Marshall and the metaphysics of the self, Anthony N. Perovich

Just Friends, Friends and Lovers, or...?, Caroline J. Simon

Submissions from 2010


Do Near-Death Experiences Provide a Rational Basis for Belief in Life after Death?, Andrew J. Dell'Olio

Introduction to Ethics: A Reader, Andrew J. Dell'Olio and Caroline Simon

Theoretical Identity Statements, Their Truth, and Their Discovery, Joseph F. LaPorte

Kierkegaard and the Catholic Tradition: Conflict and Dialogue, Jack E. Mulder


Let's Rethink Roe v. Wade - And Overturn It, (one of several responses to Bertha Manninen, 'Rethinking Roe v. Wade: Defending the Abortion Right in the Face of Contemporary Opposition'), Jack E. Mulder

Augustine for Today, Caroline Simon

On Love, Caroline Simon

Submissions from 2009


On Systematists' Single Objective Tree of Ancestors and Descendants, Joseph F. LaPorte

Submissions from 2008

Bernard of Clairvaux: Kierkegaard’s Reception of the ‘Last of the Fathers', Jack E. Mulder

Cyprian of Carthage: Kierkegaard, Cyprian, and the ‘urgent needs of the times', Jack E. Mulder

On Being Afraid of Hell: Kierkegaard and Catholicism on Imperfect Contrition, Jack E. Mulder

Satori in Climacus? Christian Existence and the Zen Charge of Dualism, Jack E. Mulder

Submissions from 2006

Must All Be Saved? A Kierkegaardian Response to Theological Universalism, Jack E. Mulder

The Catholic Moment?: The Apostle in Kierkegaard’s ‘The Difference Between a Genius and an Apostle, Jack E. Mulder

Submissions from 2005


Can Hope Endure?: A Historical Case Study in Christian Higher Education, James C. Kennedy and Caroline J. Simon

Mystical and Buddhist Elements in Kierkegaard’s Religious Thought, Jack E. Mulder

Submissions from 2004

Faith and Nothingness in Kierkegaard: A Mystical Reading of the God-Relationship, Jack E. Mulder

Submissions from 2002

Re-radicalizing Kierkegaard: An Alternative to Religiousness C in light of an Investigation into the Teleological Suspension of the Ethical, Jack E. Mulder