Submissions from 2012

Student Needs and Expectations of Services Offered at a College Health Center, Cara Bartels

The Period of PURPLE Crying to Prevent Shaken Baby Syndrome, Abby Branderhorst

Relationship of Activity Status Prior to Experiencing a Cardiac Event and Levels of State and Trait Hopelessness, Tracy DeKoekkoek

Emergency Room Use in the Healthy Beginnings Program, Alexandra Egedy, J. Davis Vanderveen, Emily Staley, and Angelina Matthews

Sleeping at Night Offers Opportunity for Zest and Energy (SNOOZE): Part 2, Amber Graeser

Evaluation of Outcomes of Post Hip-Fracture Patients with Osteoporosis, Elizabeth Higginbotham

Components of Nurse Handoff Report, Andrea Karnik

Effectiveness of Celebrex on Total Hip Replacement Patients, Esther Moon

The Relationship of Nurse Navigator With Timeliness of Diagnosis and Date of Surgery in Breast Cancer Patients, Allison Spyke

Patient Satisfaction Initiative: Phase II, Bedside Hand-off Report, Catherine Stilwell

The Use of Celebrex for Postoperative Total Knee Replacement Patients, Amanda Sutton

The Use of Telemonitoring in Reducing Rehospitalizations, Amy Veltkamp

Submissions from 2011

Exercise,Cardiac Rehabilitation Participation, and their Relationship with Hopelessness and Depression in Individiuals with Cardiac Disease, Chelsea Brussee

Relationship of Childhood Body Mass Index and Parent’s Activity Preferences, Sara Dykstra

Acculturation and Childhood Obesity within the Latino Population, Mallory Fox

Avoiding the Next “Great Plague”, Anna Heckenliable

Effective/Efficient Scheduling Processes for Private Duty Care, Margaret Jipping

Evaluation of Health Literacy Screening Questions for use in the Acute Care Setting, Anna Nieboer

Comparison of Teaching Methods on the Use of Incentive Spirometry in Pediatric Trauma Patients, Laura Nyitray

Laying the Foundation for a Nursing Research Partnership between a University in Queretaro, Mexico and a College in West Michigan, United States, Grace Olamijulo

Evaluating Nurses Perceptions on the Effectiveness and Usefulness of the Pediatric Pressure Ulcer Risk Assessment Tool (PURAT), Allison Reynolds

Effects of a Preschool Intervention Using Nature-based Activities on Children’s Self – Efficacy and Preferences for Outdoor Activity: How Activity Preferences Relates to Childhood Body Mass Index, Amanda Schab

The West Michigan New Graduate Nursing Practice Readiness Assessment, Nicole Spagnuolo

Happiest Baby on the Block: A Descriptive Study, Kristin Stefan

Duration of Breastfeeding After Discharge from a Midwestern United States Community Hospital, Bethany VanderLaan

Evaluation of Complications Post Peripheral Vascular Intervention at Site of Femoral Arteriotomy using Manual Pressure with Surface Pad vs. Intra-Arterial Closure Devices, Janette Zandstra

The Impact of Consistent and Accurate Wound Care Documentation on Home Health Care Outcomes and Appropriate Reimbursement, Lindsay Zeller