Submissions from 2012

Fasting Reduces Luteinizing Hormone Secretion in the Pekin Drake, Part II: Localization of and Effects of Fasting on Gonadotropin-Inhibitory Hormone Expression in the Hypothalamus, Erika Coombs, Elizabeth Gerometta, Sarah Colton, Sara Gallemore, and Abigail Lindberg

Real Time Analysis of Protein xCT in System xc-, Cassondra Cramer, Anne Georges, and NaTasha Schiller

Cold Acclimation and Central Administration of Homocysteic Acid in Rats: A Potential Model for Schizophrenia, Christopher Davis, Guillermo Flores, John Kemink, Jacqueline Logan, Mara McMurray, Lauren Reif, Aaron Sayfie, Catherine Strahle, and Alyssa Wagner

Connecting the Dots: Finding a Unified Theory of Laterality and Modality in Metaphor Comprehension, Erika Dvorak, Jonathan Snavely, and Michael Harper

Neural Correlates of Implicit and Explicit Metaphors: An ERP Study, Erin Hildebrandt, Amanda Layman, J. Davis Vanderveen, and Audrey Weil

Submissions from 2011

Resveratrol Ameliorates Brain Damage Induced By Surgical Cannulae: Potential For Treatment Of Parkinson’s Disease, Julia Becker and Kelsey Castillo

System xc- is Regulated by Multiple Mechanisms in U-138 MG Cells, Christina Bowles and Annalise Almdale

Real Time Analysis of System xc- trafficking in U138MG cells, Cassie Cramer and Anne Georges

Inducing Schizophrenia-like Symptoms in Rats, Guillermo Flores, Chris Davis, Adam Simon, Kara Shelter, Stephen Agauas, Anthony Mucciante, Luke Eastberg, Kirsten Lagowski, Lisa Alvine, and Erin Wick

Oxidative Stress Causes Modifications and Decreased Function of System xc-, Matthew Hartwell

β-Integrins traffic with system xc- in confluent and non-confluent cultures of human glioma (U138MG) cells, Aja Nash and NaTasha Schiller

Activation of System xc- Trafficking via an Akt-dependent Signal Transduction Pathway, Daniel Smith, Andy Hamilton, Damien Hill, and LaVana Greene

Long Term Effects of the Administration of Quisqualic Acid into the Substantia Nigra of Rats, Jeffrey Stusick, Mazi Condelee, Regina O'Brien, Elizabeth Zappata, Hao Shen, Jonathan Lautz, Jeanine DeJong, Hannah Karaptian, Kanwinder Gill, Elizabeth Munoa, Aja Nash, Emma Porter, Emily Leathley, and Sarah Eklov