Submissions from 2012

Predicting Insect Development in Changing Climates: Bean Beetle (Callosobruchus maculatus) Phenology Modeling, Joseph Adamson

The Effects of Project-based Learning (PBL) Approach on the Achievement and Efficacy of High School Mathematics: A Longitudinal Study Investigating the Effects of the PBL Approach in Math Education, Anna Filcik, Kristen Bosch, and Nicholas Haugen

Modeling the Formation of Sand Ripples: Gone with the Wind, Eric Greve and Jacob Jeffers

Using Regional Data to Correlate Program Effectiveness: Delta Math as a case study: The effects of the Delta Math Response to Intervention program on student achievement, Nicholas Haugen

Modeling Marram Grass Population Dynamics in a Coastal Dune System, Leah LaBarge and Connor Mulcahy

Submissions from 2011

Non-real Zeros of Derivatives of a Class of Real Entire Functions, Jessalyn Bolkema, David Gansen, Nathan Graber, and Hannah Stanton

Data-Driven Intervention: a Minor Tweak, a Major Revelation - Correcting Mathematic Students’ Misconceptions, not Mistakes., Lindsay Nieuwkoop