Submissions from 2018


Game Spirituality: How Games Tell Us More than We Might Think, Chad Carlson

Submissions from 2016


In Their Own Language: Toward a Receptive Ecumenism in Christian Higher Education, Richard Ray

Submissions from 2015


Graded Exercise Testing in a Pediatric Weight Management Center: The DeVos Protocol, Joey C. Eisenmann, Emily Hill Guseman, Kyle Morrison, Jared Tucker, Lucie Smith, and William Stratbucker

Volleyball: Steps to Success, Becky Schmidt

Submissions from 2014


Review of Sports and Christianity: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives edited by Nick J. Watson and Andrew Parker, Chad Carlson


Purpose, Provender, and Promises: Church-Related Colleges in a Secular Age, Richard Ray

Submissions from 2013


Effects of Resistance Training on Running Economy and Cross-country Performance, Kyle R. Barnes, Will G. Hopkins, Michael R. Mcguigan, Mark E. Northuis, and Andrew E. Kilding

Submissions from 2012

“Athletic Taping, Padding, and Bracing,” “Injury Mechanisms and Classifications,” “Principles of Examination,” “Upper Extremity Injury Recognition,” “Lower Extremity Injury Recognition,” “Head, Spine, and Thorax Injury Recognition,” “General Medical Conditions,” “Concepts of Rehabilitation and Healing,” “Therapeutic Exercise Parameters and Techniques", Kirk A. Brumels


Removal Time and Efficacy of Riddell Quick Release Face Guard Attachment System Side Clips During 1 Football Season, Tonia Gruppen, Molly Smith, and Andrea Ganss

“Management Strategies in Athletic Training,” “Reimbursement and Legal Considerations”, Richard Ray

Submissions from 2011

Management Strategies in Athletic Training, Richard Ray and Jeff Konin

Submissions from 2010

Classroom Quick Breaks, Steven D. Smith

Faithful Fitness Flips, Steven D. Smith

Family Fitness Flips, Steven D. Smith