Submissions from 2012

Dorothy Day: A Countercultural Divine Activist, Anne Baenziger

War Women: The Role of Women in Holland, Michigan during World War II, Hannah Boehme

The Twist is Here to Stay, Jillian Conner

Twins and Eugenics in the Holocaust, Lauren Ezzo

Catholic Americanization: The Work of NCWC Community Houses (1919-1921), Emily Fleming and Julie Oosterink

Still America’s Pastime: The Longevity of Baseball in U.S. Culture, George Getschman

Theodore Roosevelt and Americanism, Jeffrey Helm

The Christian and Missionary Alliance and the Question of a Native Church in the 1920's, Matthew Keller

The Coexistence of Contradictory Ideological Tendencies in the British Boy Scout Movement before World War I, Cory Lakatos

Let Us Live Again in the Past: The Origins of the British National Trust, Alison Lechner

Race: Is It All In The Head? The Perspectives of Samuel George Morton, Felicia Mata

From 'Savage' to 'Civilized' and Back Again: White-Cherokee-African Relations from 1790 until 1861, Madalyn Northuis

The Hybridization of Peacekeeping: The United Nations Mission to Liberia Revisited, Daniel Owens

The Appeal of Womanhood: British Women Against the Vote, 1880-1918, Alexandra Tyra

Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Appeal to Working Class Americans through the Domestic Fireside Chats, Stacy Victory

Prayer and Politics: Two Roads to Philanthropy in Victorian Britain, Brent Wilkinson

Submissions from 2011

Braceros and Their Wives: The Effects of Seasonal Labor Migration on Gender Roles in Mexico, Tessa Angell

Paris and Shanghai: Splendor under Siege, Matthew Keller, Sara Batts, Stephen Prior, Lucia Martis, and Amanda Dewey

Tortillas in Transformation: Domestic Change in Mexico, Katharine Matejka

Americanization and the National Catholic War Council, Julie Oosterink

The Organization for Tropical Studies and the Evolution of Tropical Ecology, Stephen Pedersen

Becoming Latino: America’s Latin Culture, Sara Pridmore

The German Reformation: The Role of Local Governments in Evangelical Reform Movements, Brent Wilkinson