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Altered Book Art Collection (Student Scholarship)

The Altered Book Art Collection is comprised of art pieces created by Hope College students. All of the pieces are altered books, which are works of art created by changing the original appearance and/or meaning of a book. The pieces are all from a class project and were displayed at Van Wylen Library.

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Annual Reports (Board of World Missions)

Annual Reports (Woman's Board of Foreign Missions)

Dave Fetters Audiotape Transcriptions (Digital Collections)

A graduate of Holland High School and Holland, Michigan native, Dave Fetters excelled in basic training and advanced infantry training after being drafted in December, 1966, when he was 22 years of age. Fetters was given the opportunity to attend officers candidate school here the United States Fifth Special Forces (Green Berets), Third Corps, picked him for his hard work and high rank in his class. After the appropriate training, Fetters became a First Lieutenant and was sent to Vietnam and served there from 1967-1969.

A total of twenty-one hours of first-hand experiences, daily observations, frustrations, and emotions have been transcribed from fifteen audio cassette tapes that were recorded by Dave Fetters in Vietnam over a five month period in 1969. The transcriptions consist of narration by Fetters of the day’s events and his thoughts about those events and about the current state of the Vietnam War in general.

For more information about Fetters, visit his collection register.

Mellon Scholars' Works (Mellon Scholars Program)

The Joint Archives Quarterly (Hope College Publications)