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Summer 2004

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Inland Seas

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Great Lakes Historical Society




Built Along the Shores of Macatawa: The History of Boat Building in Holland, Michigan is an article concerning the history of ship and boat building in the Holland, Michigan area from 1836-2004.


Holland, Michigan, commercial ship, pleasure boat building, Black River Company, Superior, A.C. Mitchell, Lake Macatawa, Black Lake, James W. Handy, Alexander C. Mitchell, Superior, Captain Edward Macey, Albertus Christiaan Van Raalte, Gorningen, Koos Vinke, Jan Vande Luyster, Kasper Lahuis, Paul Stavast, Jan Rabbers, A.C. Knickerbocker scow schooner, Jan Slag, Andries Steketee, Simon Steketee, Cornelius Steketee, schooner Mary, Avis, Lambert, Peter De Graff, William Clark, E.M. Beckwith, Hopkins, Harm Slag, Andrew Anderson, Waring, Schols & Bass, Scotch, Jacob De Vries, Levi Myrick, Andrew Clark, Cornelis H. Schols, shipbuilding, Edward Clark, William Kieft, Wolverine Motor Works, marine engine, Holland Launch, Jesiek Brothers Boat Yard, Victory Shipbuilding, Dutch Craft Boat Works, Bill Woldering, Rinky-Dink rowboats, Gil-Boat Company, Campbell Boat Company, Kenneth Campbell, Beacon Boat Company, Orville A. Munkwitz, Robert Dawson, South Shore Marine, Chris-Craft Boat Company, landing craft, World War Two, Normandy, D-Day, Robert Linn, Roamer Boat Company, Roamer Boat Division of Chris-Craft Corporation, Mac Bay Boat Company, George Arthur Pelgrim, Bay View Furniture, James White, Clifford Dobben, Leon Slikkers, Slick Craft Boat Company, SlickCraft, fiberglass boats, Jason Petroelje, Skipper Craft Boat, Skipper-Craft, George Glenn Eddy, Holland Powerboats Company, S2 Yachts, Tiara, Pursuit fishing boats, Clyde Poll, Poll Manufacturing, Wonder Craft, Kenneth Cook, KenCraft boats, molded plywood, sheet plywood, panel plywood, Dale Love, Yvonne Love, Lovecraft boats, Puppy Love, Michigan Fiberglass Company, Lawrence Meyering, Lake 'n Sea boats, Jack Boerman, Bandit boats, Bouwens family, BowWinds boats, Richard Sligh, Dick Sligh, Grand-Craft Corportation, Power Play Boat Company, PowerQuest Boats