Modeling and Gait Design of a 8-Tetrahedron Walker Robot

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This work was partially supported by NASA, Grant Number NNX09AH69G and Michigan Space Grant Consortium.

This paper relates to the poster entitled "Design and Implementation of an 8-TET Robot" in the collection: 10th Annual Celebration for Undergraduate Research and Creative Performance (2011). Information for the poster may be found here: http://digitalcommons.hope.edu/curcp_10/134/


This work describes the use of a simulating walking robot to model to design gaits for a tetrahedron (TET) walker robot. A TET robot has struts and nodes positioned in a way that it allows the robot to move by extending and contracting the struts. The Hope College Controls team has built a working 4-TET robot and has done extensive modeling and gait development on the 8-TET.