Proton-halo Effects in the B-8+Ni-58 Reaction Near the Coulomb Barrier

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Conference Information: 32nd Symposium on NuclearPhysics
Cocoyoc, MEXICO
JAN 05-08, 2009


Elastic scattering of B-8 and Be-7 on a Ni-58 target has been measured at energies near the Coulomb barrier. The total reaction cross sections were deduced from Optical-model fits to the experimental angular distributions. Comparison with other systems shows evidence for proton-halo effects on B-8, as well as for neutron-halo on He-6 reactions. While the enhancement in the cross section observed for B-8 is explained in terms of projectile breakup, in the case of He-6 reactions, the particle transfer proces explains the observed enhancement.

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