Gamma-Ray Studies of the O-16+NE-20 System

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The article was written by Paul DeYoung during his time at the University of Notre Dame.


Excitation functions for the yields of eight residual nuclides from the 16O + 20Ne reaction have been measured over the range Ec.m.=15-29 MeV using γ-ray techniques. Weak oscillatory structure in the fusion-evaporation yield is observed, with maxima near Ec.m.=20, 22, and 23 MeV. Two strong anomalies in the inelastic scattering and α-transfer channels have been located at Ec.m.=19.9 and 25.4 MeV. These structures have properties similar to those of characteristic resonances in other light systems. The Ec.m.=19.9 MeV resonance occurs at the same 36Ar excitation energy as a similar resonance previously observed in the 12C + 24Mg reaction yields.