Gamma-Ray Studies of C-12+Ne-20 Reactions

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The article was written by Paul DeYoung during his time at the University of Notre Dame.


Excitation functions for the yields of ten residual nuclides from the 12C+20Ne reaction have been measured over the range Ec.m.=11-33 MeV in steps of 150 keV, using γ-ray techniques. The magnitude and energy dependence of the excitation functions for most partial yields, as well as for the total fusion yield, closely resemble those from the 16O+16O system when compared at the same compound-nuclear excitation energy. The total fusion yield exhibits strong anomalies at Ec.m.=22.7 and 24.1 MeV, while the 20Ne inelastic scattering yield exhibits a strong uncorrelated structure at Ec.m.=21.1 MeV. In addition weaker structure is seen at Ec.m.=13.6, 16.6, 18.6, and 26.3 MeV in the total fusion yield. The 24.1 MeV resonance corresponds to a characteristic structure in the 16O+16O reaction yields. Both structures appear at the same 32S excitation energy and are found to be correlated with the transition to a regime of limited fusion.