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Reflecting your students and their world. How many of the students in your SocialPsychology course arePsychology majors? Business? Sociology?Education? In the 10th edition of SocialPsychology, David Myers once again weaves an inviting and compelling narrative that speaks to ALL of your students regardless of background or intended major. Through examples and applications as well as marginal quotations from across the breadth of the liberal arts and sciences, Myers draws students into the field of socialPsychology.

At the same time, Myers is also in tune with the ever-changing state of socialPsychology research. Boasting over 650 new citations in the 10th edition, SocialPsychology is as current as it is captivating. Research Close-Up and Inside Story features throughout the book provide deeper exposure to key research and researchers. Marginal quotations, examples and applications throughout each chapter, and the concluding "Applying SocialPsychology" chapters all ensure that regardless of your students' interests and future plans, SocialPsychology will engage them. This 10th edition also features the contributions of Jean Twenge, author of Generation Me and The Narcissism Epidemic, further bolstering the direct connection to today's students.

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