Social Psychology: European Edition

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This first European edition of Social Psychology builds on the factually rigorous and intellectually provocative work of the original US book to offer a comprehensive discussion of one of the most captivating, dynamic and popular areas of Psychology. Thoroughly revised and updated to include the most up to date research from Europe, North America as well as more International research, this book serves to help us answer many fundamental and intriguing questions about our selves and those who surround us, including:

  • How does thinking ' both conscious and unconscious ' drive our behaviour?
  • What leads people sometimes to hurt and sometimes to help one another?
  • What fosters group unity, cohesion and mutual influence?

This book will help you study this exciting discipline and help you find answers to these and other questions. This text has been written for the student, to be accessible and interesting, helping them to expand their understanding and motivate them to enquire and analyze as they study.

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